Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have this wonderful piece of sweetness, who makes me smile daily:

Cute heart website.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here is a little sweetness to brighten your day.

I circled the baby, at this point it looks more like a blob - less like a baby. The next sono will likely be a little more telling.

1/21: 7wks 5days, due date of September 4th. During the sono I could see little pumpkin's heart flickering!! It was most awesome. Everything looks good (minus my weight trend).

*Now your up to speed on why I've been lagging in the blog updation department.

8 weeks: Webbed fingers and toes appear, baby's eyelids practically cover their eyes, breathing tubes extend from baby's throat to the branches of their developing lungs, and interestingly baby's "tail" is just about gone.

Friday, January 16, 2009


You all are in wonder ..
What the heck is going on at the Heintz house? ..

Well not much.
Unless you consider work projects a good time.
I am flying to San An. in the AM to see the greatest of family members (especially Jack & Garner).

I will post some pics on my return.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

stick-er shock.

The most wonderful of experiences started 12/31/08
with a dip-stick of sorts, continued with a "+", and then a very ecstatic set of DHs. No joking.

Other-half and I are going to be gracious parents.
.. This is the part where you hide your concern for our parenting woos.
I know, we are in for a ride.
{although, i am assured that having a pediatrician hubby will be very helpful.}

Only 7ish months to go until we see the
little pumpkin all grown up.

*I heard that I might experience a little nausea, little headaches, little potty breaks, little fatigue, and little less sleep at night. Little-lotta.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today I thought I would update the blog. Then I realized that there wasn't anything in particular that I could think of. I resorted to a blog prompt generator [which I have never used] and this is what I got:
Inventory the contents of your pockets.

So very helpful.
back to The Devil Wears Prada.

{i did have a fun day with a bunch of girls and-a bridal shower, which i will post later.}

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the whole fam-damily.

Xmas brought lots of wonderful family to the Heintz House!

I love 12/24 & 12/25 and all it brings including: loved ones, visitors, holidays, good food, robert redford dessert, peppermint bark.

{12/25: My mom and Garner came for a visit. We had a traditional Christmas dinner, including turkey, and gross jellied cranberries (Dyer's fav.). Garner stayed the weekend and we had lots of rest and relaxation (.. and a whole lotta of fun).}

{12/30: Dyer's mom Beth, dad Dennis, sister Amy, G'ma Lurah, and aunt Wynne came all the way from Brenham. We ate yum Jason's Deli and played approx. 5 rounds of white elephant gift exchange. Dyer was the big winner with an adorable "peace" angel stocking (see pic above) and $28 big ones! I got a very unique candle holder and an over the top cute feather pen. Score.}

dh & i opened gifts on xmas eve. i will enjoy some good smelling perfume with some other goodies in '09, and the other dh - a power screw driver!