Thursday, December 1, 2011


Nothing sweeter than watching your daughter play with her best friend. 

A few weeks ago my bestie, Erin, and her precious family came for a visit.  We had the best time; it was so nice and relaxing to have our friends here for a visit.  Being in Dallas away from family and friends we cherish having visitors!

 Isabelle and Grace playing with the pumpkins.

 Isabelle trying to bit the pumpkin.
{I wonder if they will end up at Baylor together?!?}
All.BOY.Andrew with sister Grace and Isabelle

Monday, November 28, 2011

28 weeks (!!!!).

Thought you would like to see what the belly is doing this time vs the last go around:
(nope, i aint scared to show my belly.  no face shots though).

Left pic is Ibellebelly (& mama was about 5 pounds less)
Right pic is BG#2belly

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hween 2011.

Isabelle the ballerina!

Dirty baby.

Mini-mama! She is ready for babe #2!! She is cleaning "diaaarrhea" (she must hear that word at school??) off of her baby.

Fence building.

Fence assistant:

Such a big girl; in jeggings + chewing gum!!

Helping papa!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Although not back on a regular basis I thought I would drop in to update the world on all things that have happened since 6ish months ago:
1) baby #2 is being created at this very moment.  yep, preggers again and finally starting to feel significantly better (at week 20) and started to feel that little girl booger move around (16.5 weeks) (I include the weeks so I can reference this for future babies).  And nope, no name in sight.  And, nope Ibelle has no understanding that I am pregnant. 

2) Ibelle is a big girl!  She is def assertive and persistent.  Or maybe she just knows her mom is a push over.  Funny the other day dyer put her in time out; in an effort to keep-her-there he kept placing her back in time out.  She said "no push" in the most serious way, it was really funny.  She likes just about all fruit and most foods.  Bribing works: "oh, if you want a straw you better eat your PB sandwich", "want to play outside?  pick up your toys."  She still sits on the potty at night before bath and generally goes.  She even saw Rowdy potty outside (the gross kind) and she has since done that a time or two while playing with "aqua" naked.  She started ballet, she is doing much better than she was in the beginning.  I will have to add some pICHs in her ballet shoes.  Also, she loves to sing - mostly twinkle, twinkle and no more monkeys jumping on the bed.  She is not into shows, although some mornings I wish she were!

3)  Dyer is just being the best hubby a pregger wife and stinker daughter could ask for.  In fact he has the Pedi-boards on Monday.  Thoughts and prayers welcome :)

4) I turned 30.  I got a fancy pair of shoes, PERFECT for a 30th b-day!

5) I visited AZ.  My bestie, Erin, and her hubby Chris met Dyer and I in AZ for a fun filled few days.  We did lots of outdoor stuff.  Horse back riding, hiking, kayaking, laying out by the pool, the gamete.  It was definitely the best vacation ever.  And what better people to spend it with?!?

6) I'm an aunt again!  Michelle and Ross welcomed little nugget Michael William into the world on Sept 30.

7) Decluttered my worrying brain!

8) Garner graduated!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twenty months.

What does a 20 month look like:
(yes, I know, the blog wad to be done; I couldn't handle having these pics sitting on my phone without anyone looking at them. +ibelle is cute.)

(eat OG bread like there is no tomorrow.)

(loving on their rowdy.)

(get stain on their head from running into some boards that were being stained.)

(sitting pretty. Such a biggie girl.)

(eat Yogurt!!)

(throw July 4th fits.)
(that is her yogurt-eating-stool. She sits on it for yogurt time.)

(plays ring around the rosies with daddy and her friends.)

(eat cookies!!)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Life is busy at the moment
{I type that as if that is new, ha!!}

So long little blog, we will be parting.. When the days become longer than 24 hours we will meet again.

{I couldn't resist a little pICH sussy!}

{funny, my phone has now autocorrected to "pICH" on it's own.}

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Isabelle got some stickers with the egg coloring kit we bought*.  She LOVES them.  It was a whole sheet of teeny-tiny stickers!  Think: the little PAAS brand charaters.  She has had the stickers everwhere, on her arms, her forehead, her clothes, our clothes and stuck to the floor.  Who knew they would be such a hit! 

*Easter pt 3 post is pending me finding the pics of Ibelle and her dad coloring eggs, they are currently mia.  boo.
(Erin: do you notice the night jammies and xmas bow??)


pay = play.

Isabelle loves to pay (play!). The other day Dyer and his dad picked up some sidewalk chalk - she was all about it. Sort of. She played and colored but mostly she was more interested in opening the packages of chalk. Funny, I had used a stick to open the cellophane on the chalk and little-mini found the same tiny stick and tried to open the other chalk rows! Too cute!
One of her little friends was outside too; when we asked Isabelle to share her chalk she was less than willing! So funny to watch little ones interact!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

gymnastics and a b-day!

Last weekend Isabelle went to a birthday party for her friend Kaitlyn (Happy 4th Birthday Kaitlyn!!!).  The party was so fun!  It was at a gymnastics place and the kids had a blast!  There was an obstacle course and trampolines.  Isabelle had such a good time (and I think that she secretly felt like she was part of the big kids group!).  She was so thrilled for the trampoline; she went straight to the girl that was coaching the kids and held her hands while they 'jumped' together (really Isabelle is still a little too young to understand jumping, but she loved it!).  There was a fun obstacle course with all foam pit at the end.  Isabelle loved all the different challenges, except the foam pit!  I think that it was too hard for her to walk around in, which got her a little scared.
After the games were over all the kiddos had pizza and Capri Suns!  (You can take a guess how the Capri Sun went, and if you are thinking something about her squeezing the packet and juice squirting out you'd be right!).

 her sweet little slightly-pigeoned-toed feet-sies.

pizza time!!  her fav is "pissa"!!


eating now:

eating one year ago:

I can not believe this was my little bitty nugget just 12 short months ago!!  My how she has grown!!
She is really not all that interested in food.  Most nights we are lucky to get some turkey lunch meat and a cheese stick in her; or a Yo Baby and a piece of bread!  For the most part she is always hungry (or really, Thirsty!!, she has her words confused!) and will drink milk really well!  Often times she will continue to say thirsty any time she sees any one's cup and like to drink from an open cup (vs sippy cup).  She calls all crackers/pretzels/nilla wafers "cookies" and she loves craisins!

She is such a big girl and I can't wait to see what the next year brings!!


Do you need a pick me up??

She is so funny, most times
when I ask her to point to her nose she does like this:

Gosh, this girl is awesome
{if i haven't already stated that a million times}
the best part about her
{other than the way she snuggles and makes my heart huge}
is the way that she lights up my day!

{ignore the stickers on her forehead and dried fruit on her cheek and crazy bow on her head.} 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Moms day!

Happy Mothers Day!!

I had the best Mothers Day spent at the arboretum! Such a great tine with my 2 loves, they are the best and make me smile from ear to ear!!!

The weather was perfect - ibelle played and played and played!!!

{out takes}

Friday, May 13, 2011


Ibelle hanging out in the garage. Dinking before school:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter pt 2.

After the family Dyer left came the family Desiree.  We had the BEST time with Garner and my mom!  It was the most wonderful weather!!  Huge Thanks to the Easter Bunny (who took Ibelle's basket to Grandma's house!) for some very fun Easter goodies!  Isabelle got some movies, playdoh, bubbles and lots of LOVE!  Gma was so sweet to bring a stroller - which has been a BIG hit!  (and thanks to G for going to TRU for 2 hours while Gma shopped!)  We can't wait for a return visit!

 her two favs going for a ride!
 Quin: my CPK from when I was little.
sans clothes.
 throwing the ball to G.
{or maybeee she is trying to do a fancy shot off of her head.  you decide..}
hanging out with the boys. 
she seriously love garners.
{this pICH reminds me of the sweetest, cutest of tom-boys.  just look at that face!!}
 chasing after the ball.  with stroller in tow.
{side note: our grass will neverever look this green again until next yr.  silly HOT weather!}
 more soccer.
{and yes that is a isabelle being carried while her dad runs for the ball. it was his way of including her since she
was sortofkindof in the way during their game!}
{this pic just might be worth the extra 2 seconds to click on it to see her head.  she looks like she may have experienced whip-lash! :( }
 Easter treats!
 playdoh and a bucket full of eggs!  so fun!
Isabelle getting a hand from gma to open her bubbles.
{do you spy a lovie??}

Would you believe there is an Easter pt 3???