Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today we trialed some solids with our little stinker {see prior post}.
She is officially a big girl {in my book}.
I've been thinking about this day for awhile {and I am sure she has too}.
I expected her to eat-it-up {but she was less than impressed}.
We'll try again tomorrow {by then she will be able to appreciate FOOD!}


Something gross happened today. I know this has happened to all moms out there.

wanna see? ...


poop = happy girl. so proud of her mess. such a lil' stinker.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Isabelle is a huge fan of her dad. She may not get to see him all the time but when she does she is all smiles {ok. well. most of the time ..}.

Dyer makes his little miss laugh, giggle, smile, coo, play shy, grin .. goodness she enjoys & loves her dad.

gosh. i love, love, love these two. to pieces.


{I am so behind. go figure.}
{our day goes something like this: baby up. baby kisses & hugs. baby eat. baby school. work. pump (x3). baby school. baby bath. baby eat. baby kisses & hugs. baby sleep. eat. laundry. cleaning. sleep. thoughts of the love for baby. baby up. baby up (x4). repeat.}

On Valentine's Day we went to Kristen's house and had a fun play date with Ethan & Abby!

Abby (one week older than Isabelle) is such a big girl and sitting so well!! Ethan was so fun and Isabelle LOVED grabbing his shirt and talk!! These girls are little chatter boxes and had a great time playing!! We can't wait to come back! {maybe next time daddy DH can come along!}

{big kid ethan, abby & i'belle.}

{isabelle + abby sharing a music box.}

{girl talk.}

{beautiful AEK.}

{the BIG 5 & a half month'ers.}

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Dear Dh, Thanks for all things pink this Valentines Day. love, djh

Saturday, February 13, 2010

be mine.

{retro: go here. i promise you will be glad you did. and that, up there, is the little 5 monther i referenced.}


girls just want to have fun!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Answer to the doppleganger re: my other half.

in case you forgot: the question was what actor does Dyer look like?

thanks to all that played .. which was noone; unless you count that spammer that left a bunch-a weird stuff.

Go here. and see him (tobey maguire).


lil' miss def has some crazy hair.
generally after a day of school it is over-the-top in dishevelment. (& greasy, don't ask me how or why.)

.. even rowdy is in disbelief.


cino mesas.
(means: nearly ½ year.)

she is a big girl.
she is sitting.
she is cuter than ever.
she has a peacock for hair (see below).
she is a chunk.
she is a stinker!
she is the ☼ of my day.
she is a non-sleeper-through-the-nighter.
she is a fun lil' punkin.
she is laughing.
she thinks the remote and cell phone are for her.
she is trying to pull herself out of her bouncer (will provide pics soon).
she is the holder of me and DH's ♥.
she is a daddy's girl.
she has sassy attitute.
she has little friends at school.
she is a momma's milk lover!
she is one month from solids! tears.
she is one month from being truly ½. more tears.

Friday, February 5, 2010


doppleganger: a double or identical replica of a person. The concept revolves around the belief that everyone has a doppleganger, an identical copy of themselves somewhere in the world.

True story. When I was little I really believed there was someone that looked just like me out there somewhere.

I never get told that I look like anyone, but Dyer gets it all the time. Who is it?

Take a guess?
[ok. a hint: he is an actor and he appeared in a series of movies. i'll post tomorrow.]