Saturday, June 16, 2012

treats & threats.

sweet girl always wants a treat.  she gets one most days after dinner if she has been good that day. 
{ok, maybe it is a bargaining tool to get her to be good ..&&&& maybe to get her to take a nap, or clean up her messes, or leave rowdy alone, or get this-or-that for me when I'm taking care of CL, or participate in ballet, or to come inside when we are done playing ...}

i never.ever thought I'd be that mom that would resort to bribing.  but, sadly, i have.
{thank you pregnancy/arrival of #2 for pushing me to that point.  threats work too, especially when it involves taking away her coveted stickers.}

it is usually fruit snacks, a cookie, lollipop, or popsicle.  
{today it was a big treat, her own ice cream cup. girl loves some Brenham blue bell!}
{im certain tie-dyed on kids = adorable!!}
{this dress reminds me: Ib knows "ruffles" .. it is no lie when people say that kids pick up on everything, even obscure words!}

Precious girls!