Tuesday, July 27, 2010

swimsuit season.

Sweet pea received a fun gift from Grammie this weekend!
her very first swimsuit.  it is perfect and she loves it!
I need to work on getting a better pICHture until then, take a peak!
Thanks Grammie!!!
(oh yeah, & isabelle showed off her swimming skills!)

The funniest thing is that
ICH + her BFF grace have the
same suit!  and I didn't even know it
until I checked out Grace's pictures!


Someone was tuckered*.

and it wasn't Dyer {even if he looks to be sleeping in this pic.  he isn't, although he should be: see here}
and it wasn't Rowdy {clearly he is busy. see him in the 2nd pic?}

i know,
you wanna eat her up.  well you can't.  b/c she is going to grandma's house this weekend & I can't have her all eaten. :)
* if you are wondering how to get a 11ish month old to sleep on you?  it requires some teething, a little under-the-weather-ness, a cry-it-out nap session that included said baby to become pretty much hysterical & drentched in tears.  that is how you do it ..


Isabelle is def showing us her funcuteadorablesassy personality,

& we are loving it!

No kidding.  I'm sure that I am her biggest fan; I'm convienced that everything she does is so cute.  just ask Dyer.

{um, the cutest baby + piggies!}
{it is the happy dance .. until she has enough, notice she gets mad at the end.}


as i mentioned, Ibelle & I made a trek south to Austin. 

Isabelle and I got to the Shuley's late-Friday and it was off to bed.  Saturday we were able to hangout.  Grace and Isabelle were definitely BFFs.  Later, Kelsi and Tara came over; all 3 girls played the day away!  It was so fun and likely one of the last times it will be just-the-girls {as Erin is due with little baby BOY in January!  which is HUGE excitement!}.  Saturday night we had yummy! fajitas that Chris prepared, the rest of the fam came over and we hung out.  Such a good time.  & Sunday little miss and I were headed back to Dallas from our big vacation.  It was great!  {thanks for having us!!!}

As you can see the girls had a ball! 
{FYI:  Grace is such a big girl, she no longer sleeps in a crib and is potty trained!!  GO GRACE!}

playing house!  clearly there was too many cooks in the kitchen!

(I think that Isabelle looks just like me in this pic!)

they loved these cups!
Grace was such a great friend!  She would help and share so well; there is no doubt she is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Monday, July 19, 2010


teaser pic.  more later.
we went to ATX this weekend.

.. humm
now to get G+E.5+C to
move closer.


{presh, these two.}
{love them, day in & day out.}


T.C.B: taking care of business.  a phrase that dh thinks he coined.  you can have many forms of the verb, TCB'ed, TCB'ing.

Can you believe this little girl? She is a mess.  She decided that we needed to unpack from our girls weekend. 

So.  she unpacked.
In the words of her dad, she tcb'ed.

a girl after her mama/dada's heart.

(notice, in the background, she unpacked all the wonderful clothes she got from her bestie, grace.  everything, unpacked in a NY minute.  seriously it was like a millisecond.)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

School pic.

Not sure why the pics won't post right .. But they are pretty cute!!


Isabelle is such a good kiddo @ school. No kidding, the teachers actually tell me that! She has so many fun friends; all the little ones in her class are just about within a month or so of each other!!

Every time I take her she is ready to eat breakfast and PLAY!!! Yesterday as I was walking past her room (despite the door in the pic the entrance is further down) she was looking out the window .. Well ok, maybe it is a little sad!! Especially since she is wearing a apron/bib :(

She is growing up!! Today I saw her loving on one if the younger, not yet crawling, babies!! And her teacher told me they had snack time today!! So cute. She is such a joy!!
(I've resorted to iPhone posts, so never mind the lack of pazzazz-issippi*, teehee.)
(* get it, like: miss-iss-ippi??)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This is what weekends are made of:

wake up with the wonderfully sweet other half.  love on the littlest H. eat a scrumshish breakfast. hang out with the hubby all weekend. ibelle got both of her parents for 2 days in a row. get some treats from jd chippery (buy extra to take to work). eat all the treats, even the extras. mama got a hair cut. have i mentioned how i love to have my hair brushed (and it was washed, double score!). give rowdy a bath. lower baby crib, since we have a BIG GIRL! {see below}. save a lovie from apparent suicide attempt {also see below}. go to target. take rowdy for check up at the vet. take ibelle for a walk x 2. take ibelle for a swing x multiple. try to get isabelle to pull up on her own: which she did, once. wear bangs {see 2nd pic below}. try to get isabelle to eat some foods, today it was carrots + raspberries + wagon wheels. love that isabelle can make kiss noises, thanks to the teachings of her papa. clean. clean up a paper mess {see 3rd pic}. eat yummy dinner from OG. do and redo many-a-pigtail. i love weekends.

*click pICHture to see bigger.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


There are lots of fun things going on with the family H:
ibelle is crawling, like just about everywhere.  she loves to shut doors too.
with that said, she loves to have adventures ALL over the house, especially after number-twoing in her diaper, lossing her gdiaper (the velcro failed) and then following her papa everywhere while he is working on laundry.  Thus #2 made it everywhere.  he didn't know it until he picked her up to feed her breakfast.

ibelle no longer says mama or dada or claps.  oh well.  i think that she said "du", clearly that = duck.

baby girl had her first taste of watermelon today, but since she likes to only drink her calories, she only had a bit.  which she likely removed from her mouth and threw to rowdy (i kid).

we are 10 days closer to dh being done and done!

me and little miss are preparing for a road trip!  ATX here we come!!!!  Can't waitttt to see G+E.5+C+M.  My bet is that Isabelle will be completely obsessed with 2 of them, Grace & Maddy!

Isabelle continues to be cute.
I'm just saying.  {see below for said cuteness.}

Monday, July 5, 2010


she loves her green swing, i love her. 

{ok, pics say it all, for us summer is: swing + pool + aboretum.}


Last weekend Ibelle & I went over to Ethan and Abby's house!

We had so much fun (as always).  Ethan is soo good with the girls!  I have to give a little brag on him, he is potty trained!  Yay Ethan!  He kept them busy and even let Isabelle play with his Home Depot toys!!  Abby is such a big girl, she is a week older than Isabelle, and has been doing all things big!  Including feeding herself!  The mommies had fun too, talking kids.  Again we had so much fun!  Thanks again!! 
(sorry for the lack of pics!) 


if you know me, you know that one of my top 5 movies includes Clueless.
Love. it.
one of the best parts of the movie is when Cher is going out on a date with Christian.  she comes down the stairs and her dad asks her what she is wearing .. then she puts on the clear trench.
So stinkin funny.
Want to buy one?  They are being produced again:  CK dress.

Ok.  Now to go watch Clueless.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


oh, gol-lee.  she is a fun cutie pie!

{as always, ignore my voice.}

Friday, July 2, 2010

10 months.

10 months.
or if you are my other half, 10 months = 2 months till 1 yr.

i'm such a stinkin mess.
How did this happen?

i love that my little punkin is big girl.  but so sad all at the same time.
i know, many of you all have been there.  If you haven't seen enough pics on the blog go here.

10 months means a lot of things if you are little miss.  *during the last month she has:

• said "mama", "buh-buh" (bye-bye) and "cog" (dog)
• top left tooth + top right lateral inscisor
• another ear infection
• crawls for real
• crawls for real everywhere
• claps
• fake coughs
• waves bye bye
• experienced the most proud moment ever when dada started fellowship.
swims every weekend
• LOVES her swing and to be outside
• LOVES rowdy
• likes to feed herself
• likes the sippy cup
• cutest little bug ever

* the reason I can keep up with all these things is a calendar that I have.  I highly recommend any moms use a ordinary calendar to keep up with all the firsts, a baby book was tough for me to remember to put things in.