Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miss priss!

Poor little miss.
Oh, this pic {the only one on my phone that I haven't posted}. She looks so sad & cute all wrapped up in one.

More tgiving updates soon.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy tg!

love, the cutest turkey around (aka ibelle)
check out TG v. 09

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ibelle play.


Hntziday 2010 is here!
isabelle helped her dad with all things lights today. the lights are up pre -5 degree weather.
& yes i LOVE multicolored lights. a lot. there is just something so festive* and fun about them.

* can't help but think of, "Festivus for the rest of us"

Saturday, November 20, 2010

fall saturday afternoon.

= play time on daddy. this is the best :)

fall saturday noon.

= ich playing & collecting leaves with rowdy in the backyard while her dad does work on the house.

fall saturday morn.

= family "car" ride.

just thought you might want to see what we did this beautiful Fall morning.

(this is my precious family.)
(isn't it cute how ibelle is trying to make the car more aerodynamic??)

Friday, November 19, 2010

15 months.

curious about all things ibelle?:

{confidently} walking. every. where.
{happily} playing with her fun car toy. see a few posts back. in fact her fav is to ride around in it ..outside ..with no shoes ..no jacket ..in -5 degree weather ..& fit throwing if the car is pushed back inside
{obsessed} with "chues" (or shoes), and putting them into said car
{also obsessed} with pushing anything and everything
{oddly} likes hot cheese and avocado
{roughly} throwing her baby out of its stroller every.time. you put it in there
{respectfully} making lots of Mayflower crafts at school. yes they educate on all things, including tgiving
{laughing} all the time. especially at her funny dad
{sweetly} saying "nigh-nigh" when it is time for bed, usually about 630pm. she can't get into bed quick enough
{insistently} saying "na-na" when she is hungry. over, and over again. Cutest thing ever! girl likes to eat
{pulling} of her socks. 5 secs after I put them on her. especially shoes, off they come
{patiently} waiting to consume her first tgiving feast & being consumed in kisses by her Gigi
{sadly} getting bigger by the millisecond, nearly 15 months old!
{gracefully} making her mama's heart huger by the millisecond
{loving} of her family
{peacefully} sleeping through the night. finally (generally 12-13 hours)
{yummily} yep, i could just eat her up
{precious) how she loves her lovey. all day. everyday. she holds it. we even have a bath lovey
{most def} watching her most fav show RHWBH, including Andy Cohen. Ok, no she doesn't watch it. but if she did I wouldn't object
{perfectly} the way she makes our smile

*those pics? 15 months ago.  i cant believe it.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Yesterday we had a play date with Ollie!  My friend Kacie's super-duber adorable and sweet puppy!  Isabelle had such a good time and I had a great time seeing Kacie (& checking out her new house!).  Ibelle loved Ollie's toys and Ollie loved Isabelle's socks!  They were so stinkin cute together.  I can not wait to go back for a visit!  Thanks Kacie for having us over!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


[sorry. as if you could take ANYMORE pump'belles?? there is more!]

more arb.

{more pICHs of the beautiful girlie @ the arboretum.}

she sits still for about 1 millisecond.                        


We had the best time at the Arboretum this weekend! 

Dyer and I both had the weekend off & since it was the last weekend of the Pumpkins at the Arboretum, we had to go!
(plus mama is obsessing over the perfect xmas card pic of the little). 

Isabelle LOVED the pumpkins. 
She was adorable walking around & holding the pumpkins!  Ibelle made a few new friends.  There was even a family there that couldn't believe how much Ibelle looks like her dad.  The funniest part was a young boy (about 7 or 8) told Isabelle that she couldn't touch or hold the pumpkins since it was against the rules.  Oh well, she rule-broke.


Last weekend Isabelle and I took a girls trip to Austin for baby Andrew's sprinkle! 

We had so much fun (aside from the drive, I thought Ibelle would never sit in her car seat again!).  Once we got to Erin's house Isabelle had a chance to play and hangout with Maddie while Grace was at her G'mas playing.  We headed over to Erin's mom, Coco's, house just in time for someone to take a nap!  Sweet Coco even had a precious baby doll waiting for Isabelle when we got there!  We felt at home and slept so well (& the food was SO yummy)!  The party was a success.  It was so fun to meet up with all of Erin's girlfriends that I've come to know well over the years and meet some of Erin's extended family!

The best part: seeing baby bellys x2!!  Not only is Erin pregnant, but her sister Kara (hawkins blog) is pregnant and awaiting baby girl Hawkins in late-April.  I can't wait!  So fun for them to experience all things pregnancy together!

[sadly, i accidentally erased ALL my pics from the last few weeks, so I stole these from Erin's blog!]

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Fall!!!

Ibelle at the pumpkin farm at the arboretum!! She loved it, she was carrying pumpkins all over the place and made many friends!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

red car.

Best part of Fall?
the wonderful
crisp weather.

more please.

(i know she is sporting
a less than happy
face.  this was
the best
i could do.  pics + 1 yr old = ...good times.)
(thanks to Erin
for sharing this funner-than-fun
baby car. ibelle
LOVES it. no lie.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dear ems.

{dear ems, this post is really just for you.}
{your eyes only.}
{thanks for the cutest of "I" shirts!  ibelle & i Love it.  just thought
i would post a pic since you never really did get to see what it looked like
 in real life.  sadly the bow came off, i need to reattach it.}
{& notice that ibelle is wearing an gks-original hoodieshirt.}
{don't mind that this pic was taken inside of our garage. or that ibelle
has banana residue on her mouth, it was in the morning on the way to school.}
{oh, & we can not wait to meet nugget-Andrew.}
{my guess: he will be adorable!}


Gosh, where else does I + D + R = my heart?

(notice rowdys perfectly pumpkined handkerchief.)
(notice that dyer is holding the sweetest & nakiest of precious babys.)
(know that all of these are pICHs from the iphone, the camera pics are gone, rather erased.. Sadly.)
(regardless of the lack of posts, lack of pics, we have been busy! Not to be confused with relax-y.)
(heres to a weekend of relax-y. We ALL need it, mostly the littlest hntz.)


I love my 14 month old.
I love her x1 million.
Everyday {yes, each and everyday} I count my blessings.
I think about her every second I'm not with her. (no lie.)

She can now say so many things (maybe not cleaaarlllyy).
Most recently, ker-key (turkey), hoh-cog (hot dog), chus (shoes) to name a few. Sometimes I can get her to mimic me, so fun. Love this age.

Speaking of shoes!! She is wearing the most darling of little girl shoes! Maryjane Keds (I've been thinking about these shoes from pre-baby times). Thanks gma for the wonderful shoes!!
(ignore that Ibelle is crying in the pICH, she was getting a molar in tonight, talk about fussy).

Monday, November 1, 2010


Dear Gigi:

I am thinking about you and hope you are feeling better soon. Love, ibelle


Ibelle and rowdy were our Halloween greeters; candy-givers of sorts.

Isabelle had the funnest of Halloweens. Ibelle was a scary {& darling} spider!! Unfortunately she was sick; there was no trick or treating for our little miss.

As we were about to put her to bed (if you know her, you know if it is a second past 6-6:30 and she isn't in bed we will have a huge meltdown) kids started to come. She would get SO excited that friends were stopping by!!! Between she* and rowdy it couldn't be any cuter!!!

Halloween was so fun!! Can't wait fir next year!!

(* I know your thinking, "where is the gdiaper???". Due to her sickness it was in our best interest to use disposable. Trust me.)


Tigger (Roshan), Nemo (Victoria), Banana (Jack), Pochahanas (Sophia) and Spider (Isabelle)

Little miss was a scary spider for her 2nd Halloween!  We had the funnest time!  We went to a Fall Festival with Isabelle's friends; we were able to hang out and play!  We had a blast!!
I've now decided (along with my other mommy friends!) that Halloween just-might-be my most favorite holiday!!  It was so fun to see Isabelle all dressed up.  Although we didn't go trick or treating we had a great time.  Can't wait for next year!