Wednesday, February 23, 2011


to tide you over:
Or is it, "to tie you over"? Anyways..
{UNTIL i can get some time to get some blog
posts done&done on the laptop.}
{mostly bc after seeing my iphone posts on a regular computer I am SO
disappointed by the picture quality.}
{the end.}
{enjoy with caution, b/c these 2 + Rowdy, will make your heart explode.}

*taken 2/20/10, what a dif a year makes.

.. a final thought, do the terrible twos really actually start at 1.5 yrs????!!  I am thinking yes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


oh these two. what gets me through the day is a dyer & ibelle (& rowdy!!) sandwich!

more of our perfect weather weekend!!!
& bc I love that darling hood dress (a gks orig.!)


in case you care, winner of biggest potato ever prize:

even rowdy looks a little fearful!
Yes, this represents the class of pics found on my iPhone.


I died laughing
& still do.
ignore this if
you don't
watch AI.

If you do watch, you remember when the camera man asked this guy, "do people say you look like anyone?", the contestant said, "Seth Roggen," thennn the camera man said, "no, you look like Fraggle Rock*."

Funniest thing

* there isn't a YouTube video.

Monday, February 14, 2011

vday 2011.

Perfect little valentine!
so maybe this picture isn't really from V-day 11, but rather a few weeks ago.  i had hopes of posting today's picture ..unfortunetely, Isabelle's valentines day outfit got messed up (like, had an accident at school kind of messed up).  So this picture will work.. +she is wearing red!  here is a an

&, just for good measure:
 {6 months!} 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Atv groupie.

(likely this is one of those you had to be there stories. Use your imagination…)

today while dyer was washing the cars ibelle and I just played outside. Our neighbors down the street have an atv. The kids would drive up and down the street on the atv, even waving at ibelle at times. well after about 2 passes Isabelle was hooked, she was a groupie!! No lie, each and every time they would come down the street isabelle would scream with excitement and run towards the street!

It was so cute!!
maybe not the running toward the street part.


Goodness. We have had the
best weekend.

You want to know why? Bc
it was warm, we had jdeli,
got chores done, mary
and smurf (cars) got washed,
ibelle played her little heart out
(and apparently her food
too; this morning I noticed
an unfortunate event took place, in her
crib, sometime last night. vomit!),
Rowdy did some major
snoozing, mostly
we just had fun in the great weather.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


isabelle is a huge fan of crafts!  specifically coloring (or, as isabelle says it, "cou-ler") and finger paints!  both can keep her entertained just long enough (then she hits a point were the excitement is over, usually around the time she needs a nap, and all items end up being pushed all around her tray or on the floor in a big wet-painted mess or riped). 

this was during the snowdaystwentyeleven, so excuse her i-just-woke-up-and-my-mom-threw-this-bow-in-my-hair and PJs look.  she will generally start out with the crayons and move towards the paints, which like i mentioned before, she is very aware of their hiding spot in the cabinet.  notice her monkey PJs, she loves to try and take off her "shoes" (aka monkey feet!).

sNOw other.

Dallas experienced weather like sNTw other!

The week started out with ice on Tuesday, more ice Wednesday, snow Friday (6 inches!), everything thawed out Saturday, just in time for more ice with a little snow the following Wednesday.  We/Dallas could not catch a break.  I felt how people in Alaska or North Dakota must feel all. the. time.  like there was no end in sight.  With all the weather issues came school closures.  Isabelle's school was closed a total of FIVE days.  (A LOT of people have asked, do we now have a week of paid daycare in the future?, the answer is no...)

All-in-all this series of weather + no school events, ironically enough, came at just the right time.  I speak for Ibelle and myself when I say that the 2 days together were much needed to refill our energy tanks!  Normally our time at home is a whirlwind of cleaning, grocery shopping, play dates and chores at the house, it was so nice to have a whole bunch of uninterrupted, undistracted (ßif that is even a word!) time loving on my sweet girl.

The days off were not without stress; for 2 parents that both work in a hospital arranging childcare was a challenge.  Luckily we both had management that was understanding of our situation and we were each able to take a few days off, then we had someone watch Isabelle one of the days.  I am looking forward to a week of no weather issues!!

Isabelle is just old enough to realize that snow is not the norm and it is COLD!  We had a lot of fun on Friday playing in the snow!  I wish I had some pics of Rowdy; he LOVED it too!

At one point Dyer had Ibelle lay down to make a snow angel.  She was so completely over the snow & cold by that point (yes, that is crying in the picture!)..  

(huge thanks to Erin for lending Ibelle clothes.  in the stash of clothes was a thick jacket and boots!!  without those items i think we would have had a very, very cold little girl! .. even the pants were Grace's!)

Friday, February 11, 2011


Here she is being all adorable-like.
{clearly not
the best

pICH, but
does demonstrate
the cuteness!}

{& no
her eyes
are not


big valentines day news:isabelle can give real kisses! yes the smoochie-smackie-wet kind of kisses! just tonight she gave us some sweet love!!

maybe ibelle's dad had this fun sweet v-day love waiting for me!!
(yes, I just had to blag!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

bath tonight.

B/c I can't stand how cute she is* & I'm that mom:


(*in fact, I just told dyer if ibelle wasn't human I would eat her.)
(weird, I know. The eating kid thing is a parent thing.)


{big girl}

•This was Pre-snowdaystwentyeleven.
•Love a little miss in a lumber jack shirt!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2nd yr.

time left until 2nd year of fellowship:

can't wait!

(juuust turn your head sideways!)
(& for fun, go here: this happens to me all. the. time.) (thanks Ems for the funny!!)


Our almost 1.5 year old is amazing, for so many reasons:
• the way she smiles.
• the way she blows her nose on a tissue (or a little plastic football we have, which she then wipes the ball with the tissue. I know, eww).
• the way she LOVES dogs (I even recorded the Puppy Bowl for her!). Everything that remotely resembles a dog - is a dog, like a horse is a dog.
• all the new words she says, "no", "noe" (nose), "moe" (more), "mel-mo" (Elmo), "noo" (snow), "eye", "coul-or" (color), "pease" (please), "y-ion" (lion), "monn-ey" (monkey), "moo-bee" (movie), "maa-maw" (Grammie/ grandma).
• she can point to most body parts; my fav is toes and fingers, she will move her digits all around when you ask her where her toes/fingers are!
• how she says, "hiii" anytime she knows there is someone on the phone.
• she wants me to hold her hand and help her with kid games on the iPhone (really she does. she puts her hand in mine with her finger pointed, ready to push around the screen!).
• how she loves to clean!! If she spills milk and we tell her to clean it up, she will go get something to wipe it up with.
• when you tell her to put her hands in her pockets, she gets the concept, but searches for her pockets in the middle of her shirt/jacket!
• LOVES the bath!! Loves to have her teeth brushed (most times).
• wants to feed rowdy all the time, which he isn't all that fond of! I asked her today if she wanted a treat, instead she went over to Rowdy's treat area!
• she also wants to love on rowdy all the time, which he alsoooo isn't all that fond of!
• she likes to push her princess car around (& to her parents dismay, run it into things, the wall, the dresser..).
• loves to color, we have these crayola chunky crayons that she loves!! Also loves finger paints and knows exactly. where. they. are hid!
• loved the snow. loved eating the clean snow. we were outside earlier and she wanted "moe" snow!!!
• loves books; more specifically loves looking at books while sitting in your lap!
• she puts her drink in the specific-cup-indention on her high chair tray, or she'll put it on a coaster.
• likes cheese (spicy kind!), avocado, milk!, bread/crackers of any kind, pudding, yogurt, hotdogs, hot cereal, banana, pineapple, spaghetti, nutri-grain bar, drinking water from a straw.
• how much her mom and dad can love that little miss!!
{Isabelle, we love you x millionbilliontrillion!!}

{Isabelle attempting to sit on her anywhere chair/stool. Soo cute!!}

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oneteen year old.

{yep, that is lipstick.}
{yep, she had it everywhere. this pICH is hardly representative. it even got wiped on the cabinet door.}
{yep, she is still adorable, even with those unintentional bangs, a crazy hair-don't.}


as you know we use cloth-type diapers with isabelle. They are cloth on the outside, which you wash, with a diaper-like insert that you throw out or flush (technically you can buy cloth inserts if you want).
Initially I was not a fan of gdiapers (<-- seriously, go there if your confused) but they grew on me. Not that we don't completely avoid regular diapers. B/c we don't, like for ibelle's school and those times when we know disposable is in our best interest!

All this leads me into what I came across today.. after a series of events that included me discovering that gdiaper had a Facebook page, I found this:

{crazy!! 40$ for a diaper cover??! after reading on the FB page i'm. not. surprised. those moms are obsessed with all thing gdiap. if fact it reminds me a little of the beanie baby craze of the 90s!!}


a few weeks ago Isabelle & I headed to the arboretum. The weather was perfect and we had such a good time!!

Funny, Isabelle was trying to "feed" the deer sculptures! It was the best!! She tries to feed rowdy things all day long, so I guess the same goes for deer!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mrs clean.

baby girl is def her mother's daughter for so many reasons, especially cleaning {dyer would say that maybe she is a little dramatic like her mom}!!! i can't say that cleaning is my most favorite thing ever... but i do like things clean.

Enjoy the video too!! (here)

Bath time!! Excellent!!!

:think bill/ted.
Wow! For a little one that did Not (insert: hated) bath time for a good 2 weeks, she sure is a huge fan!!!
She splished&splashed like there was no tomorrow!

{yep, that is her splashing around.}
{my baby girl is now big girl. tear.}