Saturday, October 8, 2011


Although not back on a regular basis I thought I would drop in to update the world on all things that have happened since 6ish months ago:
1) baby #2 is being created at this very moment.  yep, preggers again and finally starting to feel significantly better (at week 20) and started to feel that little girl booger move around (16.5 weeks) (I include the weeks so I can reference this for future babies).  And nope, no name in sight.  And, nope Ibelle has no understanding that I am pregnant. 

2) Ibelle is a big girl!  She is def assertive and persistent.  Or maybe she just knows her mom is a push over.  Funny the other day dyer put her in time out; in an effort to keep-her-there he kept placing her back in time out.  She said "no push" in the most serious way, it was really funny.  She likes just about all fruit and most foods.  Bribing works: "oh, if you want a straw you better eat your PB sandwich", "want to play outside?  pick up your toys."  She still sits on the potty at night before bath and generally goes.  She even saw Rowdy potty outside (the gross kind) and she has since done that a time or two while playing with "aqua" naked.  She started ballet, she is doing much better than she was in the beginning.  I will have to add some pICHs in her ballet shoes.  Also, she loves to sing - mostly twinkle, twinkle and no more monkeys jumping on the bed.  She is not into shows, although some mornings I wish she were!

3)  Dyer is just being the best hubby a pregger wife and stinker daughter could ask for.  In fact he has the Pedi-boards on Monday.  Thoughts and prayers welcome :)

4) I turned 30.  I got a fancy pair of shoes, PERFECT for a 30th b-day!

5) I visited AZ.  My bestie, Erin, and her hubby Chris met Dyer and I in AZ for a fun filled few days.  We did lots of outdoor stuff.  Horse back riding, hiking, kayaking, laying out by the pool, the gamete.  It was definitely the best vacation ever.  And what better people to spend it with?!?

6) I'm an aunt again!  Michelle and Ross welcomed little nugget Michael William into the world on Sept 30.

7) Decluttered my worrying brain!

8) Garner graduated!