Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 things.

{I get it, this is super outdated, I realized it was hanging out in my drafts.}

2010, taught me that:

1. little ones sure do learn & grow so fast, faster than I ever thought was possible

2. more babies were born to our family and friends than I ever thought was possible

3. i learned I had more patients than I ever thought was possible

4. i pumped more than I ever thought was possible (tmi. I stuck to it for far longer than I ever imagined!)

5. i reasoned more than I ever thought was possible

6. i loved my iPhone more than I ever thought was possible

7. i learned that my heart could grow more than I ever thought possible

8. i learned I can understand more than I ever thought was possible

9. sadly, spent more on childcare than I ever thought was possible (9,300$, in case you care)

10. loved my daughter, husband and family more than I ever thought was possible

Um kay. Now on to 2011!!

{bc I love this girl.}

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday funday!

Today was perfect in so many ways. Mostly because it was Saturday & ibelle and I got to hang out! Then there was a super fun birthday party, ibelle + her dad time and ibelle + shoe time!

{love the red sparkly and pink plastic croc shoe??? Her choice!}

As I mentioned before, Isabelle loves shoes. All. the. time. she is stalking me to put on my shoes or to put shoes on her. It is the cutest thing of all time. (except when..*)

I love these moments!!!

{striking a pose while waiting to let rowdy in.}

*Funny, last weekend I wanted her to wear specific shoes, but they wouldn't fit with socks. I got an alternative pair but she wouldn't have it!! Turns out someone had a huge shoe meltdown!! I don't think anyone can appreciate that unless they dealt with a 16 month old with sass!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Little girls dance their way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, scattering gold dust & kisses in our paths.
Author Unknown

{I love my little girl.}
{ich at 9 months.}

Monday, January 17, 2011

Line a day.

I keep thinking about the new year & I keep thinking about something that I can {realistically} do that perfectly compiles a collection of all things 2011!
Initially I thought about a line a day memory book*, but I figured it would be far too much commitment. I mean everyday?
.. The next best thing, a line a week via the blog. Someday (in my next life!) I want to do a blog book and I'll have all these entries to look back on.

{I have a song in my head, sean hayes: it's powerful stuff, which reminds me of jack johnson: better together. iTunes them.}

Anyway, goodnight.

*know that just about every post will likely have to do with little miss. that is just the way it is.

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Funny, yet true story.

Isabelle loves to find very random "treasures" and carry them around.
Her most recent was a pager; she carried it around yelling "dada, dada". Preciously, perfect.
She knows her dad is attached to his pager (in fact, every other night). Some nights it may go off more than 20 times, no kidding.

(I wish I would have taken a pic!)

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Lil' miss.

Fyi: I have so many nicknames for isabelle.
{ibelle, isa-smell, sweet pea, peanut-weenut, cutie-patootie, sweetheart, chunky-monkey, lil' miss, &someothersicantthinkof.}

{Um, that's all. & know that i huge/huge/kiss/kiss her all day long. maybe I BEG for kiss/hugs all day long too.}

{Now, enjoy some pICHs of the peanut sorting through grocery bags. Do know, this was a way big to do for her. She was serious about her can sorting.}

{do you see rowdy hanging out at the bottom of that top picture.}

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Monday, January 10, 2011


There is nothing better than to watch ibelle and her dad hang out together. Like I mentioned before, Isabelle loves her dogalog book. Seriously loovvees it. Here she is {again with the hibernation} with her dad reading her book. Rowdy was getting in in the warmth. :)

I include this pic (which is just like the other) only b/c I'm stumped by Rowdy's face.

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Paint fav.

Ibelle loves to paint, or do any crafts for that matter!! The other day at school her teacher, Laura, told me that any time they get the crayons or paints out ibelle is the first to squeal!! She loveeesss everything that has to do with art time and she brings home the best projects!!! Santa even brought her some paints and crayons in her stocking.

Yesterday, while spending some time hibernating (it was snowing outside!!), we had finger painting time making cards!! She had the best time!!! Love this girl!!

you see that sweet funny-duddy rowdy down there at the bottom??.. He never misses a potential-food-op. Ever.

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Give me a "I"!!!

I think that ibelle looks just like a little cheerleader (wearing warm ups of course) in this little GAP fleece pants and hoodie with pony!!
Love it (thanks Grammie fir the cute outfit)!! Sad, I could Not get her to stand still, pics with a one yr old - this is what you get!!!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

sombrero: uno año.

The same precious pink hat made by my gma, worn about 13 months* apart:

*the reason I know the first pic was about 13 months ago is b/c it was the day dyer was putting up Xmas lights last holiday season.

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ibelle favorite snowman.

(15 months)
(3 months)

(i know you are going crazy right now..  she is such a big girl.)

the nose knows.

Isabelle is able to point to certain body parts.  Her mouth, hair, belly, foot and I am sure there are a couple I am forgetting to include.  Her favorite: her noush (nose)

xmas post {finally}.

Christmas was a riot for so many reasons, namely this:

{she is my sweet little sugar and spice!  love my little peanut!}

Honestly I knew that the Holidays would be a blast+ with a little one ..but what I didn't realize is how fun it really would be {and maybe how tiring it would be?}.  Little Isabelle got a slew of toys, from fake food to a bug car to mega blocks to a car DVD player (mommy's #1 gift!!!).  There is nothing like celebrating with a little one vs. with a bunch of older people! :)

The Holiday got started with a little mommy and me time on The Eve (yes I took the 24th off and relaxed with Ibelle and prepped all things for the fam's visit).  My mom and Garner came to visit on Xmas day and stayed the weekend - we had Xmas dinner with all of the fixings!  My mom gave Isabelle the Velveteen Rabbit book and movie (along with a copy I had when I was little).  Everything was wonderful (minus the part where Dyer worked/ was on call ..but alas it the life of the MD folk, although he did get off at a very good time each day).

Dyer's mom, Grammie, and Gma, Gigi, came down the 26th after celebrating Christmas Day in Houston (we missed you Aunt Wynne!).  What fun we had!  Isabelle got plenty of Grammie and Gigi loving!  They even let her hangout with them in their big bed!  I'm sure Isabelle thought she was big girl stuff!  Isabelle got the most precious presents from Dyer's family - a Christmas plate setting and matching tea set (they started the tradition last year with a plate setting).  Once Isabelle is grown, I can't wait for her to have and treasure the dishes. 
(caution: pic overload!)

 {ibelle and I with the Velveteen Rabbit books, aka the most perfectly thoughtful gift.  Thanks mom!}
 {the family Htz.}
{if our shirts look familiar .. it is b/c we wear these same outfits every yr!}

 {G, me and mom eating our yum feast!}
 {g'ma and Isabelle!}
 {Isabelle + uncle G + rowdy + her car.  you can push her around the house a million times to beat an Ibelle bad-mood-bears.}

 {princess ICH and her presents!}
 {isabelle & gigi playing!}
{notice rowdy loving having people to lay with!}

 {a gigi and grammie sandwich!  they just love their girl!}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Remember how I was just mentioning that ibelle is a huge dog lover?? Here she is with her dad looking through the Dogalog

She will carry around that book all over the place looking at each and every different kind of dog. Adorable? I think so!


Isabelle loves to dance!! Here she is with her dad and her {new} silver dancing shoes. She is too fun! & she loves her lovey.

The best: She gets babies in on all the dancing by picking them up maybe just jumping them around, either way it is the best!! Want to see: dancing babies.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Isabelle loves dogs.

Even today, at Petsmart, we went in and while dyer picked up a few things for rowdy, Isabelle was able to look at all the dogs (they were brought from a shelter) and she loved it!!

Here is a little glimpse into her favorite, playing, with rowdy. Which takes a lot of coaxing from us to get him to interact with her ;-)

This weekend a little dog escaped from our neighbors yard. Holy cow, ibelle had a bff. She kept saying goggie even after the sweet little dog went home. So precious!!

{yes @ the bottom.. that is her lovie.}
{newbie bffs.}


(Skeege: aka ibelles gpa, dyers dad.)

Dyers dad came for a Christmas visit! He starts his new job in a couple of days so it was perfect timing. Isabelle had so much fun playing with her blocks!! She even got her gpa in on it!!! She would stack the blocks as-high-as-possible while gpa held them in place, it was too cute!!

(Take note of the cabbage patch doll, Reyna, never mind the doll is a spitting image of ibelle, check out her hair!!! Thanks aunt Mimi for the funnest of babies!)


this picture cracks me up x2.

1. mostly bc rowdy appears to be in a dog house.
2. ibelle is playing like mad with the fake food she got for Xmas. no lie, she loved it just as much as I thought she would (only bc I've seen her play with grace's fake food a time or two).

The end.
Time to relish the 20ish hours left of vacay. (although Isabelle has vacation until Tuesday. I know, lucky!!!)