Monday, September 28, 2009


A month in review: {spankin new mama.}
{spankin new papa.}

{love visitors, mikie came.}
{don't you love that mad face.}

{xbox with dad.}

{first bath.}

{my favorite: bedhead}

{.. wave them like you just don't care.}

{g'pa Isabelle.}

{if you just can't get enough, I suggest that you click here: I'belle pics.}


Maybe I am a little behind. I have an excuse ;)

The weekend after baby girl came home from the hospital our house exploded with family! Dyer's mom and grandmother, and my mom all came to take a peek at their new precious granddaughter!
Aunt Wynne, Aunt Amy, I'belle mama, Grandma Beth, Great grandma, Grandma Kuras

my mom

uncle Garner

Dyer, his mom and sister, Amy


Aunt Wynne

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Little miss is doing so well. she make our hearts light up!
{@ 2 weeks:}
.. she is awake more often, eating more often, and not sleeping more often!
.. she gets about 1 million+ kisses and so much loving everyday!
.. she is a fan of americas next top model (just like her mama!) and not a fan of any sort of baby apparatus - swing or bouncy.
.. she is past birth weight at 8lbs and grown 1/2 inch
.. she is cuter than any baby. ever.

hanging out with her dad! (don't you love her fun Gdiaper cover!)

i can't get enough of this most precious thing!

more daddy & i'belle time! love that her paci covers her entire mouth and her peace sign.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Miss Isabelle Claire
{9/2 : 5:20pm : 7lbs 14oz : 20 inches : beautiful}

only the most adorable, loving, snugly, precious, sweet, darling, eattingest, beautiful, & loved little girls ever! Seriously, she is.

.. i'll post more pics soon, to say that we have tons of pictures is a huge understatement ..
{thanks to everyone that has visited or offered to visit. truly makes our hearts smile.}

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

minus three.

[fyi: we are d-day minus 3.]
So I thought I would show the completed baby room! Of course there maybe a few things that we will add as little one shows us her sassy 'tude.
bed & glider
.. more of the room.

sweet little bow jar.

.. more of the room. with the fun prints we purchased off ebay .. yep, with our ebay money!

sweet little birdhouse that dh1 made. i love our little ICH!

the 'office' on the other side of the room.

39ish weeks.

precious flowers from the sweetest of sweet peas! pink = girl. tee-hee.

{eww. i realized, for the millionth time, that have NO photography skills. at all.}