Sunday, March 29, 2009


.. is for the way you look at me.

{Six years.}

: That is how long Dyer & I have been dating! And no, we no longer celebrate this day per say, but it is still exciting nonetheless!

DH does more than any guy I know. Not only does he love on me, he keeps me entertained, he COOKS, he cleans, he keeps Rowdy warm at night, he keeps the yard looking great, he cleans up gross stuff, he is incredibly smart, he is an excellent pumpkin carver, Kids LOVE him, he is able to be completely sleep deprived and still be sweetheart, he makes yum chili, he does most anything I think sounds like fun, he will watch girl movies, he will humor me, he is going to be an awesome baby-daddy!, he teaches me new words and sayings, he does laundry like no ones business, he buys me flowers, he is the calmest and most realistic person, he rarely gets frustrated & couldn't be more patient, he deals with my quirks, he will talk on the phone to me when I am bored, he does a lot, and most recently he has been putting up baby room molding :), he is a good balance to me, above all he is a cutie pie! I heart him big time {since 3/22/03}.

A few of my most fondest memories of the last 2190 days include our first date at Chili's, diadeloso, the rain storm we endured while trying to drive home from dinner one night, when Dyer left Waco to go to school in Houston and I saw his car was packed, when he drove to Waco at the crack of dawn to be there for the 8am Homecoming Parade, our trip to the Grand Caymans, when Dyer scoured Houston to find me the most perfect pound puppy - Rowdy and got a ticket along the way, when we found out we were moving to Dallas for his residency, his proposal which included the sweetest scrapbook ever (I will share pics if you are dieing to see), me laughing throughout our vows, searching for and buying our first house, our honeymoon, the morning we found out that we were expecting a little one. ..Goodness the list could go on.

(this is DH working on the chair rail, and little sweet Rowdy helping out. & yes in that same pic, that is a picture of the Seinfeld soup nazi .. autographed by the man himself .. a b-day gift to DH from a few years ago. you can see what baby room is doing to Dyer's stuff.)

Go here, and here, and I there are a bunch of others.

(So I have to brag a little more. Thanks hubby for the sweet flowers, preggers loves them! Including the one by my bed that you arranged!)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


As the bump grows there are so many things that I wonder about baby H .. but mostly I wonder, what will the gender of this little cutie be?
{let me prefice that I am completely thrilled to have a little bundle in there and want nothing more than baby to be healthly. I love peanut like crazy, no matter the gender, I just thought this would be fun!}

In general I refer to peanut as just "baby" which is pretty gender non-specific. As mentioned before we have not discussed baby names and have saved that until closer to week 20.

I've reminded baby that picture day is next Wednesday (the big sono day!) and that he/ she ought to be on their best behavior for the occassion.

I will tell you that the majority of the world is convienced that peanut is a GIRL (despite what that that votes indicate there on the side).

Both Dyer and I have our inklings.

My good friend Erin sent me a guide to fun ways to determine the gender. Of course I realize that these are old wives tales and have a lick of evidence based research to support them .. bu'tcha know, they are fun! I even got Dyer to humor me with some of them. I know that you all are dieing to see what we found out!

If it is a boy:
*17% indicating boy! I'm not sure if this is the best way to interpret this information, but whatever, it works.

If baby is a girl:
*39% indicating girl.

The Chinese Lunar calendar was too close to call in terms of when little one was produced, so it was not helpful.
and .. While researching the ring theory, I found 10 different sites reporting different ways to interpret it, is it if the ring moves in circles baby is a boy, or does it mean baby is a girl?!
Ugh. I have minimal patience for this. ;)
Either way, I hope little cutie patootie is healthy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I have something fun to blog about.
{that sounds so dorky, "blog about"}

Not like baby gender related fun .. but sort of related to the DH2 .. which I guess goes back to baby.

In celebration I did some back logged entries:

Elizabeth + Don
Missy + Andrew
yum. i love these two girls.

and someone is ONE!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Visit from the bro (aka baby H's coolest uncle ever).
We had the wonderful pleasure of having Garner stay with us for a few days during his spring break. G & Dyer got in lots of football, soccer, and catch during the visit. We also had a great babysitter for Rowdy .. who Looves G. Big time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2nd tri.

{note: i update this entry weekly .. scroll to the bottom.}

We are into the trimester #2!!
Want to see what went on in the first?

Week 14 (3/4/09):
worked on baby room - err it was all dyer, he painted more trim.
i looked at my expanding belly, while eating lots of bagels + cream cheese and salted almonds.
feeling a tad wore out (i wasn't too tired in the 1st set of weeks .. maybe my fatigue was a little delayed).
already experiencing what is known as "placental shunting" .. since i don't seem to be able to remember much.
still experiencing morning sickness and all it entails.
trying to train myself to not sleep on my back or belly.
MD appointment early next week.
pondered will we have a boy or a girl (4 week countdown).

Week 15 (3/11):
more trim was painted.
more belly expanding. Dyer bought me some Palmers :)
more gender wondering (3 weeks).
a jog was completed, the first in like 11 weeks. due to poor nutrition, i was too paranoid i would pass out before now.
more bagel, almond, & cinnamon toast crunch eating.
MD appointment with the new OB, impressed. Everything looked good, and baby heart rate was good.
added another name to the possible baby Heintz name list. {fyi: if you have a darling name that you don't think you'll ever use, let me know it.}

Week 16 (3/18):
baby room is in the works. it currently reminds me of the kind of thing that occurs post-hurricane.
mama continues to eat pretty well.
baby's first visit from unckie Garner.
thought about being 4months along. whoa.
felt baby move, or so I think, on the 18th, then on the 19th, and the 20th!
filled out my first NCAA bracket. the final 2 teams that I picked are already out of it. boo.
thought of thee best potential girl name option!! i am done with boy name options {note: "i" Dyer's picks remain TBD}.
*also trying to better keep up with the blog.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I thought it might be fun to blog with a bump picture/week - along with some other updates from the week.

Looking back once Baby H is here it will be neat to see what papa Heintz and I (and baby) were up to.

Weeks prior to week 11:
told the world the big news.
mama d just laid/ sat on the couch and laid/ barfed in the bathroom or the fort (which was kept cleaner than any other and included a nice beach towel on the floor).
Dyer was working hard on locating a day care in the area (which I will no longer refer to as "day care," but rather "school" or "place that watches BOJ"). I know what your thinking it seems a little early .. you have no idea the rush for schools these days.
down way too many pounds from pre-prego.
peeved easily.
thought constantly about how sweet, patient, and generous .. umm and patient my hubby is!

Moving on to week 11
experienced a grade school accident (i know what you are thinking, not the really gross pee kind).
ate an entire meal, craved chickfila wraps, luby's chicken, and all things sugary! However continue to eat pasta with spaghetti sauce at least once per day.

Week 12:
Dyer and I got friendly with Toys R Us and decided on a few essentials, including the Dr Brown glass baby bottles and Earth Organic diapers.
MD appointment to check out our little 12 weeker, all looks good. Appears that BOJ likes to par-tay!
cleaned out baby H's room, after multiple trips to Goodwill and the attic baby has some closet space!
Dyer put up some of the most awesome chair rail in the room (pics later) and was defeated by the crown molding. ..and to think I thought this molding thing would be cake.

Week 13:
soo sleepy .. but not able to nap well.
reviewed current boy vs girl guesses, 50:50 at this point.
down 11 pounds from pre-prego, but gaining like a champ! Cinnamon toast crunch is my fav.
baby's room chair rail is painted.
looked at loads of baby bedding for ideas.
reading lots of:
.. counting down the weeks 'til gender is determined.

11 weeks
12 weeks
13 weeks