Sunday, May 23, 2010


ruffle bottom jeans ..
{I just know you were waiting for this view.}

gosh ibelle and that camera and its cord/ich's bff/the thing i take away from her that causes the most-hugest-moment-ever.

no kidding. it is taken away and followed by a "here take it" from her mama as moment ensues.


Baby girl is getting big. Right before my eyes, I can hardly stand it.

Here she is: sitting pretty, hanging out in the grass while her papa does yard things. She is chewing on grass too. Not surprised.

·all cuteness, including the pink ruffled cloth diaper, fun flowers, sassy pigtails
& half of her genes (tee.hee.)
are c/o her papa. He was a SAHD today. also, her dress is actually a toddler shirt.·
Other outdoor news: We are working on our back patio, we bought some wonderful Chesapeake outdoor furniture and waiting for a pergola installation. We will be set. I think I'belle is thrilled too. We can't wait.

child #1.

row·dy [rou-dee]: a rough, disorderly dog.
This completely does not describe our Rowdy as of recent. As our first child I think Dyer and I thought Rowdy was experiencing some depression over having his younger sister around. He was tired all the time, didn't play anymore, had horrible skin allergies, scavenged for food NONstop, was cold intolerant and his joints seemed to be bothering him (since he could hardly jump on the couch). + he gained a load of weight, say 10 pounds.
Turns out that he has hypothyroidism!
He is on synthroid and doing super!! I am So glad for his sake (and ours!) that we figured out what was going on with him.
Rowdy is the perfect dog and so stinkin sweet. He will loiter around Ibelle while she is playing and she loves it. She is always trying to pet him or pull his tail!


Along with her big girlness includes graduating to a much bigger car seat. Yep, no more baby car seat for this one!

You Go Ibelle with your 20ish-pounds-self.
Without further ado: This is the first ride to school in her new super-safe car seat

[i know, i know. *tear*]

Monday, May 17, 2010


♥ Mothers Day 2010 ♥
{This was pretty much the best one yet.}

Our day went a little like this ..
♥ a wonderful breakfast from papa DH.
♥ an outing to the Dallas Arboretum with DH & Ibelle (which
included buying a yr membership, yippee!). They have houses made out of different flowers depicting scenes from the Tale of Peter Rabbit, so sweet & adorable; I recommend it! Better yet, let me know if you want to go and we'll meet you there!
♥ a lot of 1-on-1 with the littlest, cutest, sweetest
♥ the most fun in gifts, including an iPhone. I was super giddy! Gifts like that are few and far between (you can relate if you have a house, a yard, a baby, a car ..). Dyer didn't share any clues, other than letting me know that I would be very excited about my Mothers Day gift. I also received some Beatrix Potter (my fav.) children's books in the mail from my mom - they were from when I was little! I was thrilled and can't wait to share them with my little pumpkin!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Want to see a typical playtime with the cutest?
toys pulled out of the box & placed
everywhere. funny she sure can make a mess
despite not really crawling. rowdy loitering oh-so-sweetly. riding
her pony; clearly
she thinks she is riding a bull, with her hand in the air and all.

8 ½.

It has been a long time,
Far too long.

I realized today that I hadn't blogged in 2ish weeks.
It made me sad .. for a moment I weld up. {time flies}. Then I realized that the day doesn't have 25 hours.

As if the 25th hour is the blogging hour.

There are SO many things that little ICH is up to these days, you know, at 8.5 months of age(!). OK. more than i can count. but a few include:

1. being a model which entails being photographed about 100 times/day by her momma. no lie. (thanks to daddy for mommy's new iCellular phone, yippee!)
2. being a star of many a YouTube video (go here & here. it'll be enough that you will fall in love too!)
3. saying "dadda". Not kidding. (the proof is in the videos).
4. sitting up, getting in the crawl position, then going back to the sitting position. as if to say, "don't rush me".
5. making it known that she wants what i'm eating. i tell ibelle, if she crawls to me she can have whatever really awesome food item i am eating (which is generally a cheese stick).
6. possessive. that is right, if she has something, whether it be a napkin, camera cord, pea, whatever and someone tries to take it from her. grab your ear plugs. especially if the item is KEYS.
7. sassy= see all the above items.
8. maybe saying "momma". at least DH told me she said it today.
9. saying "rr__" (maybe it means "Rowdy") or screeching @ Rowdy. my take on it is that she is barking at him!
10. being the apple of her momma's eye. now, being a mom, i am way more sappier than i was before.
11. using her sweet little right-handed-pincher-grasp to feed herself peas, cheerios or puffs. if you put something in her left hand she will use her right hand to retrieve it and put in her mouth.
12. pulling all of her toys out of her bin.
13. trying to be big girl and sleep through the night!! (or at least from 11-6, ok. maybe she cries at 4am ..but then she goes back to sleep).
14. i love her more than i thought possible.
15. oh yeah, and in her big girl car seat, rear facing of course.

A few other things:
there is some really good news in the air .. but you all will just-haveta-wait for it! :)
ibelle got her first school pictures, she is so sweet in them!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mothers Day to all of those beautiful, sweet, caring, kind moms!! We appreciate you today & everyday!!
(From Ibelle: Big xoxo to grandma Kuras and Williams)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


eight months:
one tooth
blue eyed
{we are thankful.}


Where do mommy + baby go when the weather is gorgeous out? the lake. specifically WRL.
golly she is a joy.

Monday, May 3, 2010


the last 8 months have been the best months ever.
no lie.
gosh: i love being a mom.

{don't you just love a baby in a robe chewing
on a camera cord?}

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dyer spent his birthday with his girls!

We had so much fun and DH got a few things he was in need of .. some socks and undershirts, candy & an official FIFA soccer ball! We also can't forget the rice crispy treat birthday cake!

easter. (a little old)

I bet you are wondering what little chick-chick-a did for Easter!

DH was post call, so it was a perfect time for little miss and I to do what little girls love to do: play dress up!!

{thanks grandma and aunt mimi for the super cute outfits!}


Pretty in orange.
{this was taken about 3 weeks ago. she grows by the minute. so she is double this size .. ok, maybe not double.}