Monday, August 31, 2009


{The sweetest of mamas had a birthday today! not only is she incredibly driven and caring, she is also going to make a wonderful Grandma to baby Belle.}
many birthday wishes! hope that you had a wonderful one!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


{We're on a count down of sorts.}
one where we have an unknown number of days, and we won't know til we are there.
Dh and I are thrilled, we are d-day minus 4. I try to put the idea of having a little one in perspective, we will be one busy little family for awhile!
Recently our weeks/ weekends have entailed many things:
-making last minute sweet Izzy purchases
-daddy dh taking care of business (or TCB as he calls it, or TCBY that I call it .. yes I have a special name for most everything) .. TCB has included arranging for carpet cleaning and tile work to be done, refinishing our outdoor bench and front door, dyer just plain looking cute, the list goes on & on
-reading about delivery
-reading about all things new baby
-counting contractions
-being big and preggers, loving her wee one moving in there
-watching many, many movies
-the other half cooking yummy meals
-keeping the house ready for go time
-packing and repacking the hospital bag
-selling stuff on ebay (.. you know the stuff that is just hanging out in boxes waiting for goodwill - and if you know me - you know I Hate keeping stuff. a nice way to make a few bucks and a good laugh at what things people will buy!)
-dinner dates with friends .. thanks Uma, Castillejos, Kristen, Ali
-more relaxing
-loving on big brother Rowdy

i love my life. can't wait to see our new addition.
MD appointment tomorrow .. I'll keep you all posted on any changes.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I thought I would share a fun pic of Izzy's papa sporting the man beard. Don't worry he shaved. It is []D[][]\/[][]D. right.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Baby bump watch. (last 2 pics are @ week 39.) .. Goodness time flies. Due September 4th.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

weigh in.

{What do you think the littlest Hntz birthday/ stats will be?}

.. DH and I already have our guesses, now what are yours? Leave in the comments, I can't wait to see who is the closest!
Look here if you need a shot of the belly if you need help making your decision: bump.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was a big day for D. Dyer, Isabelle and I.

{.. mostly b/c we went and toured the hospital that little one will be delivered at. i can tell she was a fan, she has been doing up-side-down jumping jacks all day, or it could be that she is just mad that i walked about 4000 miles around the hospitals - you know he one i work at + baylor.}

All this reminded me that in less than 2 weeks little missy will be here. I won't blame her if she fusses when she comes into this big world, it is bright and loud.

Goodness just imagine what that is like ..
I'm off to incubate some more.

Everything in the baby room is just good to go. I need to upload current pics. One thing that I've learned through all of this is that baby products are far - far from inexpensive (ie more than $500 for 2 car seats, with a coupon .. granted they are for when she is bigger).

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today was the 36ish week visit to the MD. I will spare details; however everything is going well with little Isabelle (or Izzy, or Belle .. undecided!).

Every week .. err day .. I am reminded of labor and feel more and more inclined to nest.

Likely I've mentioned this, but my hubby is the best ever. Everytime I go to do something (like change the linens on the guest bedroom beds he has done it!)

Now on to week 37.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I can only imagine that all 2 readers are checking periodically to see what I've been up to.
I've been working on little girl's room and trying to make it darling.
Finding the perfect fabric and look for the room has been a challenge for me - which I can attribute to being preggers*. I mean, ask Dyer I've been extremely indecisive about the whole thing.
These are the different fabrics that I've decided on. The pink and white stripe (left) is the cutest baby blanket ever. I decided to make pillows and basket liners with the green with white, and some large shams and throw pillows for the big bed with the light pink and pink (or blush and bashful..) design.
After sewing this pillow by hand .. I've decided that if there is potential for future projects (ie, making sweet baby clothes, fun!) I may need that sewing machine that dh always mentions.

I also finished the dust ruffle for the crib, which I decided to make since the drop from the mattress to the floor was more than a traditional dust ruffle would cover. (+ it was made from an old sheet we had .. therefore FREE.)

Even more exciting: The Hntz house had some wonderful visitors this weekend!! My mom and G came. We all had a great time, especially Rowdy. .. i think he may be depressed based on him sleeping since they left.

{*preggers: once izzy comes i truly think that i will miss her all tucked in my belly dancing around. i know i will get to see her sweet face, but I'll miss my buddy.}

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tiff & Joey are expecting a BOY!!
: we are thrilled .. and i can only imagine the mischief that cooper and #2 will get into! january will be here in a jiffy! i keep telling little i'belle that she will be a tom boy with all these little boys running around!

[i will add that cooper can do sign language for anything!]


Oh yes. I have a treat in store for you. .. but you must wait. It is a DIY project or 2 that I'm working on.

In other news:
*I'm slacking on the blog.
*KARA + BRANDON are hitched and hanging out in Costa Rica right now! (Wed pics to follow)
*Belly is large. Like a watermelon Large. I love love love this sweet thang that keeps me smiling.
*4 Fridays from now is little peep-squeaks due date.
*I can't even tell you how incredibly awesome my hubby and DTI (dad-to-Isabelle) is. He makes my day. and then some.
*We had some fun visitors come our way from Brenham this last weekend, Dyer's mom & gma. My mom and Garner are visiting this weekend.
*Dyer took Rowdy for a jog today .. I think the opposite-of-lack-of-exercise wore Rowd out big time.
*mr should try the bumpits, I would love to see it in action.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Here is it!
{the room.}

I love how the molding, bed and dresser look!

We are waiting on the glider which will go there by the window. & still trying to decide on other pictures and a bumper .. goodness sweet {affordable} baby linens are few and far between. Everything is so bright and older girlish (vs nursery). I figure little one won't really need a bumper at the beginning. We finally found some pics that work so there is something on the wall.

on the opposite wall is a queen bed, and to the right is the desk - you can sort of see the desk chair. I know it is pretty cramped ..and turns out you can't even see the awesome picture molding :(
the walls look pink'ish - but they are actually light beige. (those are the doors to the closet and bathroom).

the glider.

{any suggestions?!?! Please.}