Sunday, January 31, 2010


I absolutely agree.
they don't come any cuter.
{don't you love that face?!}
{I know. we are lacking recent posts.}

Saturday, January 16, 2010


::Of. course. more. pics.::
{i can't help it.}

Isabelle loves her exersaucer! She is so funny, she will suck
her thumb while holding on to that dragon puppet!


I think that the best place to take pics
is the bathroom.

{gosh. who
wouldn't just eat
this little sweet pea.

{oh. yeah.
check out
those big girl

{i know. so big.}

{camera grabbing!}

standing tall.

Isabelle always amazes! She is such a big girl these days (minus the nights). She what she has been up to:

& she loves to stand up.

& loves to play dress up.
{this is a christening outfit from Dyer's family .. I worry that by the time I get her baptised she won't fit it! i think she looks like a toddler in the 2nd pic.}

& to sit up. {or, ok, tripod.}

& hang out with her bunny.
{I just LOVE her mouth in this picture!}

Sunday, January 10, 2010

gma lulu.

Isabelle's Grandma {Dyer's mom} was so generous to spend her holiday break with us! She & Isabelle had such a good time hanging out and reading. We are so thankful that she came!


2009 is over. done. complete. finished.

top 20ish:
1. i found out i was going to be a mom.
2. we had a baby. i became a mom.
3. i had a big big round belly. :)
4. i learned how much room i have in my heart.
5. i was reminded 365 x ∞ how much i love my husband.
6. i realized that i love being a mom. far more than i thought i would.
7. i had my patience tested.
8. i realized how much patience i have.
9. i cherished the 90 days i spent at home with my little Miss.
10. i cried more than i've ever cried before. (one word, daycare. i know. pathetic.)
11. i recognized how incredibly awesome and supportive my husband is. my friends are.
12. i realized how blessed i am.
13. i had the biggest xmas tree i've ever had. the best xmas ever.
14. i got to see what 23 dh + 23 dh2 chromosomes look like!
15. i utilized facebook and reconnected with old friends {sadly i lost connections with others.}
16. i decided in '10 i was going to forfeit complaining and pour my energy into problem solving. resolute to be a little less of a worrier. & give dh a million-zillion kisses + be the best wife ever {since i have the best husband ever. duh.}. & be the best mom ever. & be the best friend ever {since i have the best friends there ever was}. & reconnect with old friends, see #15.
17. i experienced heartache when a friend lost her baby.
18. i recognized how blessed I am on so many levels. {just reiterating #12.}
19. i started to floss my teeth daily. thank mr and ali, DDS for the encouragement.
20. i began to eat more veggies and fruit.
21. i took my little brother driving and didn't freak out. {you did a great job garner!}

ok. so 2009 was big, real big. and lots of learning. & i Loved it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


well. a few things. & then this mama is going to bed.
  • we've been so busy at this end. {if you can imagine that!}
  • i worked this weekend, so DH was a SAHD; not sure he would want to do that full time.
  • tomorrow dyer starts NICU night float .. yes after a full day of SAHDness. so be prepared for some serious updates throughout the week. with said night floatness i will be working on getting Miss to sleep through the night with the cry it out technique. :(
  • for now, i want to let you know that pretty much my fav. pic of the Isa is the one in that last post, where she is in the bathroom {don't you love how she is looking over her shoulder}. i have some ultra cute isabelle-nakie-chunky-leg ones but they are def not public blog approved.
  • i need my isabelle fix. i can't wait for Monday. seeing her about an hour a day for the last [almost-but-not-quite] 2 weeks has made me very, very sad. very sad. .. if you have kids you will understand. or even if you don't.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy 1/3 of a year sweet girl.

That is right .. Miss Isabelle is 4 months old. My. time flies.
{I can attest that this has been the best four-months-ever!}

What is she up to these days?:
she Loves-loves-loves to stand up (with assistance of course)
continues to eat about every 3 hours, which includes during the night
loves story time, especially dr seuss books
being a cutie pie
getting to be a pro at daycare :)
she has been chewing a lot .. I have to wonder if teeth aren't too far off
loves rubbing her lovie, it is silky on the back
growing out of all of her clothes
being a big girl

things we are looking forward to:
sleeping longer at night .. thanks to everyone for the advice. We are planning to buy the healthy sleep habits, happy baby book. [As much as I don't mind getting to spend time with my girl at night it is a habit we need to break.]
visiting family! We hope to make it to little Grace's SECOND birthday.

{fyi: she is so stinkin cute that i could eat her up!}
Want to see more pics of the cutest peanut ever? go here.