Sunday, October 25, 2009


What do you think?

Newborn ICH.

Newborn Dyer.

Newborn Mama.
{see another: here. i need to upload my actual hospital baby pic.}


So this is funny:
when little girl gets made she does "pinkies" .. where she sticks up her little pinky fingers. we think it is her way of flipping us off. i attempted to capture it ..

{oddly i think dyer is doing the same thing in his baby pic up there.}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Celebrating 2 yrs of Heintz was too much fun!
Dyer cooked up some steak, shrimp and baked potatoes. Yum - a fav of ours; and little miss slept through it all!
Then the gift exchange. Dyer's gift: I [plan] to get our stockings monogrammed with Dad, Mom and Isabelle (currently we have 4 stocking - 2 of which say Dyer and Desiree). My giftS: flowers, my wedding dress boxed up and Lenox Christmas china to match our dishes (want to see them?: dishes).

It was a year to remember .. notably that ♥ baby that came along!
[to answer that picture up there : every yr of marriage we thought we could include a pic that represents the yr number + what we are up to at the time. ie) new baby = baby bottles.]

Monday, October 19, 2009


2 years of DH + DH.

I couldn't imagine it any other way.

{i could never express how much that other half means to me. love him x ∞.}

Thursday, October 15, 2009


A little look at baby girl & mama comparison.
{Isabelle is wearing the outfit that I came from the hospital in 28 yrs ago!}

ICH {2009}
7lbs 14oz

DJK {1981}
8lbs 4oz
get excited - i plan to also post pics of DH and his sis when they were babies.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Goodness, we've had some fun visitors!!!

A few weekends ago Erin came for a visit. Not only was it a joy to have her stay - she was a wonderful help with little one!! We had an opportunity to go out for some girl time at the mall and had a super yummy lunch {which any new mom can completely appreciate}. Thanks to the other half for watching I'belle and Erin's family for watching Grace.

While Erin was here Kristen & Abby came for a visit. I met Kristen through Erin (she and her family recently moved to Dallas). She has 2 kiddos, Ethan and Abby. Abby is exactly one week older than Isabelle - I can only imagine they will be good friends.

It was so fun to have baby girl chat and hang out!!!

Dyer's dad, Dennis, came for a visit too! Isabelle loves her Grandpa and can't wait for him to visit again!! Also, a huge thanks for helping to hang chair rail in the guest room.

Some of my friends from work have come twice to hang out with Isabelle, Dyer and I. I LOVE their visits and couldn't be more thankful. We have an opportunity to talk baby and I have a chance to stay in the loop with all the things that are going on with them. Thanks you guys!! You completely make our day!!!

{Great} Aunt Mimi will be in Dallas in a week, and Elizabeth will be here the beginning of November. Can't wait.

Aunt Erin & Isabelle

Me, Kristen and Erin

Me + I'belle and Kristen + Abby

Isabelle & Abby
{Isabelle is either yawning .. or more likely, she is being dramatic and about to have a moment.}

Grandpa and Isabelle
Other things that are going on:
-trying to get Isabelle (IB) to sleep in her crib during the day vs. on me or in the bouncy. so maybe we haven't had much success yet.
-hoping she would sleep longer than 2 hrs at a time at night (thanks Rebecca for the pointers on decreasing IB's stimulation at nighttime feeds - it has been very helpful!)
-reading all things baby @ 6 weeks (that is right folks, we have a 6 weeker!)
-trying to keep up with laundry .. using the Gdiapers may be better for the landfills - but not my laundry doing time (or pocket book).
-attempting to get back into jogging. i've been just twice ..
-Dyer is back at work, and likely a walking zombie (see: "sleep longer than 2 hrs at a time at night")
-IB loves her bath ..most of the time
-IB has a sweet orange pumpkin shirt, I put it on her today! Yay for her first Halloween.
-and me: wondering how we will do it once I go back to work. :) :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


{.. Clearly I need to work on my recording/ downloading skills. you have to wait for about 20 seconds in for the video to start. i don't know how to fix it.}

enjoy the view of the bundle.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sew you know how I made some pillows & other goodies for the missy's room awhile ago? {here: pillows.}

Amidst all my {hand} sewing of said goodies my grand husband asked multiple times if he could get me a sewing machine. I declined. Mostly b/c I didn't think that I really needed one .. & mostly to spare the budget.
I didn't realize how excited I would be until Dyer's mom and sister bought me one for my b-day. I can't wait to break it out .. make baby girl some fun, fun outfits and other thingies.

Oh the possibilities.
I. can't. wait.

[erin: it just dawned on me. i could make the clothes, you could make the bows and K-sew could make the matching bags! i love it. etsy here we come.]


5 wednesdays ago i woke up to find out we were going to be birthing a baby. imagine my surprise {especially since it was my birthday}.

9/2: the day started with me getting ready for work, eating birthday cake {sweet dh made}, a leak of sorts, a quick trip to the hospital and 8hrs later {after some excitement} a sweet bundle.

now a big load of happiness.

[above: the belly cake dh made for my/ ibelle bday. complete with snow cap, my favorite, belly button.]
[ps. sorry for the lack of interesting posts. taking a shower/ nap has out weighed blog.]