Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Last week my bff, Erin, had the sweetest of little boys.
{Erin is Grace's mama.}

Andrew Christopher came in on 12/20 at 7 pounds 15 ounces & perfect!
{seriously, perfectly adorable.}

Can't wait to hold him and give him some kisses!!!
{I can't help but think of little Drew, Grace, their cousin Finley & Ibelle playing together!}

Friday, December 24, 2010

xmas 09.

When wee-little-bitty was only a mere 4 months old:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Erin, Chris and big sister, Grace, welcome baby Andrew!

Andrew Christopher · December 20, 2010 · 7 lbs 15 oz
[many, many congrats to the sweetest and most precious of families.]

Friday, December 17, 2010


ICH organization goes a little like this*:

1.  Everyday when Ibelle gets home from school she sits on the floor and gets all the bags together, including her school bag, my purse, my work bag, and our lunch bags. 
All things bag convening at this one area.

& maybe this happens in the morning too, with an old makeup bag and plastic bin filled to-the-brim with everything bathroom related.  everything.  trust me, if it was you + baby + trying to get ready for work ..anything goes.

2.  Then she empties everything out of each bag, only to then put the items back into the respective bags. No kidding, she really does this.  Her fav items?  Pens and paper.

3.  Sometimes she will create her own bag of things that she has collected along the way, as seen here:

{in this case, a lunch bag with school craft projects and receipts. rowdy is nonetoexcited.
in all honesty it is the cutest thing ever!!}

{my favorite part, that is 3 pens and a lip liner that
were all lined up at the bottom of the bag,
& each of those are from different bags. oh yeah, and the balled up/riped candy cane craft.}

The worst part?  When the organizing/playtime is ov-errr.  She becomes a mess of tears and sass.
*sorry for the boring'iest and most detail'iest post ever.  but this is a pseudobabybook and i don't want to forget these cute things.

kiss attack!

 {kiss attacks, b/c she loves her dad.}

o christmas tree,

We had a family outing to get our tree.
We took a trip to
the tree farm
(aka Home Depot).
We had the best time choosing the best, fullest, greenest tree there.
I think that Ibelle had a
time too.  Honestly, the holidays
are the best with the wee one.
Our little family
got the sweetest of compliments: 
Us + the fir on the roof of the car = "xmas card." (I'll take it!)

& only because everyone deserves a good laugh:
{take 10.  i don't know which is funnier, my weird chin or ibelle w/ her finger down her throat??!}

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


{my l♥ves.}
these two are adorable, most especially adorable together.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Dyer and I had talked about getting Ibelle's pic with Santa, buuuut with our limited time to get it done I figured it wasn't going to happen. 
Well.. you should have seen my excitement when we were in the airport (headed to Lubbock) and Southwest was doing a promotion which included a pic with Santa!! 

I was soo thrilled.
Isabelle not so thrilled.  Either way we got the pic!

{maybe. aside from santa's closed eyes and ibelle's lovey.}

Friday, December 10, 2010


This last weekend ibelle and I had a getaway to lubbock ..thanks to southwest (for the sweet deal, 27$ each way) & the fam (for the FUN time). 
We got to lubbock on Saturday, once we got in the door ibelle headed to bed!  She was beyond pooped from the big plane ride.  We ate and off we were to Belly Couture (my aunt's store) to check it out & WOW! We were impressed.  Holy cow love that place and everything in it!  Not only is it decorated to perfection the clothes are awesome!
Sunday we hung out, which was so very needed after our big week of work/school/airplane, ibelle and I were in need for some down time (I think aunt Mimi and Jack were too!).  Ibelle, cousin Jack and his friends played until there was no more playing was to be had.  Ibelle loved Jack's train!  Ibelle got to have pizza and I think that she LOVED it!  The cutest thing, if Jack would cry Ibelle would also get upset, she would have the saddest of cries!  Precious?: I think so.  After nap time we were off to paint some ceramic pieces for Xmas and head over to the store for some pics.  Ibelle and Jack went to feed the ducks, however, with the 1 million-below-zero weather the ducks were no coming for the bread. 
Monday we did some relaxing and headed back to Dallas.  We already miss the crew!  Can't wait to make it back!

{ibelle in the airport on the way home.}

{ibelle playing in jack's ball pit.}

{ibelle, her friend, jesse and aunt mimi. jack's hanging in the background.}
{sadly i took very few pics.  that is just how much fun we were having!}

fu manCHU.

shoe [chh-ew*]:
1. an external covering for the human foot.
2. the cutest word ever spoken by ibelle**.
3. the thing that ibelle may love the most**. ibelle points out any & all shoes and pulls each & every one out of the basket they are in**.

*chhew: not to be confused with fu manCHU.
**no lie.


i'm getting around to posting about TG10.  we had the best time, & I know that i am speaking on behalf of ibelle, but i'm certain she had a blast too. we went to dyer's hometown and got to see the fam + some extended fam. ibelle did so well despite being away from her bed. we had lots of yummy treats and lots of hugs-n-kisses!
{fyi: picture overload.}

Friday, December 3, 2010

1.25 year celebration.

15 things to say about 15 months:

1. says "bubbles" and "ball". really she says most anything. of course, within reason (she is only 1.25 years old).
2. cute as they get.
3. she is funny!! & knows it!! .. just today she was walking in a circle, getting a little dizzy, then she would dramatically fall to the floor on her belly. thennnn she would move her arms & legs as if she was swimming!!! all the while just-a-laughin'! {she loves to do that little move up there in the pic.}
4. loves "nanas", but only if eaten straight from the peel.
5. sassy pants. terrible two's? already? or maybe it is those 3 teeth she is getting in??! (a total of 13!!).
6. airplane ride #2 to Lubbock!
7. Xmas: year 2.
8. Apple of her daddy's {& mommy's} eye.
9. loves to run around naked!! I've heard that before about kids, it is true!!
10. Stats: 24 lbs 2 oz, 31"
11. blows her nose!
12. loves to "clean" things! I can even show her something is dirty, with her towel (usually a Kleenex) she will clean it up!! so helpful when she throws her milk!
13. only drinks from a sippy cup (done & done when it comes to nursing, ok maybe she has been done for sometime now).
14. loves paper and pens!! she is all about "drawing"!
15. Perfect, perfect, perfect. we loves her to pieces!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just over.

: This is my most favorite series of pics ever. Everrrrrrr.

(thats Everrrrrrr not to be confused with "Everett", silly iPhone keeps defaulting to "Everett")

This was just over one year ago, Isabelle was just about 12 weeks old. Time quit flying.

15 monther.

maybe this is my #1 favorite pic, well second to a pic of a just-born-ibelle.

maybe I looked through 1 million+ pICHtures of isabelle the other night. pics dating back 15 months ago.

maybe I got a little sad looking at all those pICHs. Isabelle is now big girl.

maybe i was reminded by something dyer once told me about isabelle getting older, "someday she'll say, 'I love you mommy'".
{..I know, that husband of mine is the best.}