Sunday, October 31, 2010


love, the scary spider (aka ibelle)

[fyi: that is a ghouly purple ghost, you just can't see the eyes and the mouth.]

Saturday, October 30, 2010

16?!!! ☺

Happy Birthday Garner!!

Holy cow. 
How did 16 happen??  Seems like 1994* was just
yesterday.  I can't believe
my baby brother is 16 and driving!  He is
just about the best kid and we love him like
crazy!  Garner is turning out to be a
nice young man; we are so very proud of him!
Isabelle is a HUGE fan too.
[*this makes me feel a little old.]



The sweetest pumpkin ever!!

Isabelle loves•loves•loves pumpkins! She thinks she is such a big girl around them since she can touch them/push them over! It is hilarious. She is going to be a little Scary Spider* can't wait!

Ibelle had a Halloween parade at school yesterday, my guess is all the littles looked adorable! She came even came home with a little trick-or-treat bag of candy!! (no lie!). So cute! Good thing m and dad Love candy.
Today we are going with her friends to a Fall Festival; should be a lot of fun!

(want to see little-bitty-halloween-Ibelle:
(* thanks mpc!!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sic 'em.

Happy Homecoming Baylor!

From the littlest Baylor Bear!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


AM pICHture session.

her sweet laugh elicits happy warm fuzzies!


Walks 24/7. Isabelle fav.

Isabelle loves to go on walks, all day everyday. She will point to each and everything in sight saying, "s-that" [what's that]. Adorable.

Her favorites: Halloween decorations, Dogs!, birds, pumpkins, people/ specifically kids, cars and flowers.

She absolutely loves when there is a bush or plant that has grown over into the path of the sidewalk. In such a way she can touch it from her stroller! It is so cute; in fact last weekend she was able to pull some leaves off a bush as we strolled by and held them (read: not Ate them) all the way home!!

She is such a big girl and we love her like crazy!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


3 years of perfectness, happiness, giddiness, cuteness {per ibelle} and silliness.

Dh: you make me smile 24/7. you are the bestest. I love you.

{here's to the next million-bazillion years. i can't wait!}

Sunday, October 17, 2010


{yep, I'm certain a sleepy baby loving on her daddy before bed is just about the best sight ever.}

Saturday, October 16, 2010


My other half spent this weekend doing all things busy:

SAHD {while mama worked this weekend} • dressing ibelle in the cutest dress and piggies ever • making me laugh, smile, happy, giddy {et al. ok, maybe he has done that everyday for the last just-about-3-years} • {make that 7.5 years} • trying to figure out his Anni gift from me {until the ups guy showed up, argh} • & one of the things he gets most excited about every October: Hween candy for trick-or-treaters!* {no lie, he does this each and every yr} • & fighting me off of said candy** • cheering on the Texans {yep he wears that shirt proudly in Cowboy country} •

Notice rowdy "supervising" in the bottom left of the pic!
If your wondering, I didn't help with the Hween-bag-fill as dh has a 'method'. Or maybe I just like to joke that he does, tee hee!

* trick-or-treaters: feel special. No young child or first year of fellowship will deter him.
**while I wrote this blog entry + watched Juno (aka the movie I watch when I found out my eggo was preggo on 1/1/2009).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So blessed. 
My heart is full.  I love, love, love being a wife & a mother. 
There isn't a day that I don't cherish every single second.

Photo from D+I Holiday (or 9/2).

little sweetie.

little old {this pic}
little cutie
little lovie {the blanket & the baby.  blanket, aka ibelle's bff}
little nakie
little roll-filled-yum-yum
little ONE year old {this was her bday morning}
little scrumptious
little-lotta love her

Dream kitch.

I Love this kitchen with all my heart.
I can dream.

{love, with a capital "L"}
{image from here:}

Monday, October 11, 2010

far. far. behind.

i can't catch up.

there are so many fun things that we've been doing over the last month .. atlas I can't seems to have a moment to update (unless I updat eon my iphone). 

you can check it out in pictures! :)

go here for month 12.
{i know, there are A LOT.  no time to edit through them.}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


13 months = lots of fun.

• We {finally} have an eater. Ibelle is now eating like a champ, I think that she was a milk junkie and did not want to give it up. All things are loved by her belly, micro-teeny hot dog pieces, cheese, turkey, puffs, raspberries, graham crackers, & her fav: Strawberries. She screams with delight when she sees strawberries!! Here's to a baby foodie!

• She is crawling all over and trying to walk like crazy. She is so persistent and tries her hardest to get her little feet-just-a-walkin!! I will be any day now.

• I absolutely love this age!

• ibelle is now in a new class at school for the 12-18 month olds. So different, but I think she is adjusting

• ibelles uncle turns 16(!!!) this month

• & little miss is already a little defiant thing. Believe it or not, she is testing her boundaries! Just today she had a huge meltdown bc I wouldn't let her stand in her high chair. I'm sure it is nothing compared to what we are in for in the next yr or so, but goodness!!

• the cutest thing ev-er!!!!

• says (something like) "what's that?" and points

• says dada, a lot. Never mama, just dada. & "gog", loves that word

• gets sooo excited when we pick her up from school, the moment she sees us she is starts squealing!!

• had a play date with Ethan and Abby; we had so much fun and can't wait to come back

• very very interested in the world around her. We love that girl like crazy

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Super Saturday .

Today is gorgeous! We had some yum lunch then headed over to the park.

Ibelle was in love.
There were dogs
And kids
And a stroller
And she was allowed to push it to her hearts content
And dogs
And grass
And her dada (!!!)
And dogs (!!!!)

It was the best. We Love our girl; how is she 13 months???

{go Baylor!! beat Kansas!!!}
Little miss is doing so many things these days!! Here is a little look at her getting her walk on!!
{sorry it is a little long}
{and notice that ibelle walks with only her right foot, basically going in circle}
{well, I mean, she uses her left foot too, just not all the time}