Sunday, August 29, 2010

Abbys one.

Isabelle's friend, Abby, celebrated her FIRST birthday last weekend.  We were so thrilled to be there to share in the excitement.  Isabelle loves getting to see her friends, Ethan and Abby, and all of her new friends.  It was great to see Kristen and catch up, we can't wait to come back.  Abby and Isabelle are so close in age (A is about a week older than I), it is so fun to see them play; they always have a great time together.

Thanks Abby for letting us celebrate your Cupcake birthday!  We had a blast!

Happy First Birthday Abby!
Hope it was ONEderful!

pics from kristen's blog.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

proof #2.

Remember I said Ibelle is toot x2.  Here is more evidence, as if you need more, especially if you've meet her.  And really, how could you not love this cuteness??  .. even if she cleans off of her bookshelf.  multiple times per day. 

i could literally eat her up she is so sweet!
(don't you love the last pic, "what mom??")

off with hers diaper.

Isabelle is a toot x2 most days, as evidenced by:

explanation:  while grandpa was visiting Isabelle decided that she would take off her diaper during nap time.  We don't have a monitor, so I assumed that she was just sleeping away.. little did we know. 

All I have to say is, good thing she only #1ed!!

[ps. remember i said she is a toot; she likes to remove all things hair accessory related.  ignore the mess of hair.]
[Of note, she has now done this on 3 occasions.  I think she must be too smart for the g-diaper velcro!]


Grandpa Skedge came to visit!!  We had so much fun while grandpa was here.  I think that Rowdy was equally excited! 

Isabelle showed off all her new skills!  She impressed grandpa with pulling up on things and walking with her cart and self-diaper-changing*!  We mostly relaxed, spent some time outside so little could get her swim-n-swing on, Dyer & grandpa went out to eat at their fav: Texas Roadhouse, anddd Ibelle had a fever.  Yes, a fever + ear infection. 

As always, it was a joy to have him visit!


*wait for it.



Little miss will be ONE in a mere 5 days.

We are so excited.  Life has been very busy in the last year, and so different .. but so incredible for so many reasons.

Before baby we would have ..
the laziest of weekends to having hit-the-ground-running weekends. 
grocery store trips that weren't completely planned out, to the moment, based on somebody's nap schedule.
running the dishwasher every few days, to running it every day (girl goes through a lot of bottles!).
a very clean living room to a living room-o-toys.
leasurly getting ready for work, to trying to get ready in a flash hopes of doing it all before she wakes up.

We love it all!!  We are so blessed to have the cutest of little girls as our daughter.

Love you Ibelle!!

{let the next 5 days go by very slow.  i'm not ready to have a ONE year old .. or be in my last year as a twenty-something.}

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A few weekends ago I went to my friend mr's house to see her beautiful baby Jack (reiteration: he is beautiful, & cute, & scrumptious, & adorable, & little-bitty).  Sadly I don't have pics, but believe me he is a cutie pie.
plus his mom matched his outfit to perfection, in great mr style, striped shirt with the tiniest of little running shoes with stripes on them too! (the shoes were actually mr's when she was a baby!)  I must add the company + food was to die for!

Anyways, Dh was in charge of the littlest Hntz.  Well apparently she wanted to go with mama. 

Fair warning, the pic is sad, sad, sad.

tear.  :(

Saturday, August 14, 2010


{Isabelle decided she was going to pick some flowers, completely adorable.}

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Walk this way.

Sometimes it is the little, small, nonbig things ..

That will make you smile 



My girl loves it!!! She has a fun new tutu and Loves it!!

So over the top in cuteness!!
So much a big girl!!

{No lie. She 350ish days old.}
{going on 5 years.}

Friday, August 6, 2010

holy, moly.

yep, she is big girl.  So excited for her ..yet so sad, she is suppose to stay little.

(ignore my voice)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is the weirdest thing.. but sometimes I wished that I had a hidden talent. Something I was really, really amazing at.

A few that I've considered to be in-my-next-lifetime:
• photographer (Annie Leibovitz)
• designer (think Chanel)
• sports person (like Tiger or Lebron)
• a rapper (snoop or timbaland) <-- ok, maybe that is my number one, just ask dh 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be yoU.

Future Baylor Bear cheerleader?? I think so! {although her papa thinks otherwise, teehee!!} {thanks ems for the cute outfit. can't wait to get ibelle & Abby together in their matching outfits!!} Sent from my iPhone

Monday, August 2, 2010


[dear hubby:  you are the most perfect other half.  thanks for nearly 7.5 years (& our little other half).  you are the hardest working person I know.  thank you for everything.]
Everyday I am reminded how thankful I am for my wonderful husband, daughter and family.  Gosh they are all so good to me.  Would never, ever trade any of it.  None of it. (not even DHs stinkin pager)

Consider reading here and read more here (I know, who wants to read more blogstories) but seriousely, this mama is a hero.

Thank you very much :)


?: Do you know what 11 months of cuteness looks like?

yummy watermelon goodness.*
@ the BU bear pit.

She was born 335 days ago.
Time flies.

She makes me so happy.  She is such a joy, not only for Dyer and I, but for our entire family.
{just ask Grammie and Grandma.}

she does all things adorable.
she is a road tripper. bed stander-uper. laugher. puzzle undoer. ber-bee noise maker. tooth grower. ".. if your happy and you know it" clapper.  best friender (miss you GKS). carseat disliker. avocado eater. toy box toy pull outer. best daughter. tongue clicker. mama milk drinker. baby walker user. smiler. swing liker. book reader. bath taker. *sweet griner. breast pump take aparter. future Baylor Bearer: sic'umer. dog lover. crawler. giggler. walk liker. night waker-uper. mostly a papa adorer.