Thursday, September 27, 2012

love nuggets.

I was looking back
7 months.
Two things:
1) I can't believe that IB was
ever that little
2) CL is SO different than her big sissy was at
the same
Physically and developmentally.
I always pictured having kiddos that looked
very much like each other
but gosh, these two are
IB is all daddy & CL is all mama!
{so different, as they should be.}
People ain't lying when they tell
you that your time
to do tasks with 2
is cut in half.  I think my ability to think is
cut in half too!
I like the idea of this blog so
that I can better record what
each is doing during different stages
or seasons.
I plan to be more diligent.
Setting a quota of at least 1 post every month. With gobs of pics.
I read something (from dr phil!??, odd i know!) about
how you don't divide the amount of love you have by the number of children you have; you draw your love for them from different accounts, and you never run out.
so true.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

3 years ol (??!!)

Isabelle just had her 3rd birthday and she loved every second of celebrating 3!!

This girl is too much.
from insisting that raspberries go on her fingers
to playing with babies every waking moment - and dressing them up
to wanting to make sure she goes on a daily walk
to calling rowdy "sweet boy" or yelling, "theres is nothing out there - stop barking" just like her mama does
to wearing my flip flops All over the house or putting on my makeup
to "being a big girl" & doing things that ".. are part of being a big girl" so that she does not loose her daily treat (a airhead, or diluted lemonade, or fruit snacks)
to ensuring that she is the one to give rowdy his dog food
to talking nonstop about her family and reviewing where each of them lives
to saying that everything that happened in the past happened yesterday
to turning on the "air conditioner for CL" (which is really a fan, too cute to correct!)
to stealing CL's wipes, and diapers, and baby food (which she calls baby food "squished carrots/green beans/peas" or "baby yogurt"), and bibs, and blankets, and ....
to thinking a twist tie is a snake
to randomly recognizing a commercial for Tom Thumb and knowing that it is where she gets cupcakes from
to trying to carry CL (in a head lock and CL crying!)
to saying, "I want to kiss him" each. and. every time. we see a dog.
to doing her numbers; once she gets to 16 she will get them jumbled and say "twenty-teen"
to washing out her yogurt container in her bathroom sink
to changing her clothes alllll the time
to riding her scooter like a big kid
to the way she says, "liddle tiny baby one" in the cutest, most precious voice
to wanting to help make dinner!
to talking and talking and talking. She loves the phone and FaceTime. She moves her hands around a lot and says, "but.." a lot!
to being very persistent and strong willed!

Ohhhh how I love this age!!! & How I love this girl. She truly makes my heart smile!

(yes she has blue paint in her hair!) (silly girl.)

(scooter riding.)

(evening walk.)(beautiful girl.)

(loving on sister.)

(3rd bday cake! Ha! She took a bit out of it as soon as we finished singing!)

(zoo days.)

(her excitement with telling stories.)

(shaking up chicken for dinner.)

(sprinkler time.)

(girl loves dogs.) (ballet.)

(water play in San Antonio.)

(she is so brave!)

(teeny 1 month old IB.)

(Bc I just love this pICH ..& the next few ones if her when she was lil.)

 (i know i posted a Bunch ..there is easily 800+ pics of her from the last few months.)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Precious thing!


Lemme tell you.

IB gets SO excited anytime she is telling a story. & she gets really animated (per the first pICH).


Many faces of the sweet {laid back, gentle, precious} caroline. At least someone thinks mama is funny {see top right picture}.

Couldn't imagine our days without her!!

Good clean fun!

> IB cleaning my car with baby wipes while I was on the elliptical. No worries, IB wanted to clean and it wasn't too hot out yet. ;)
> (cl was inside, with the AC, sleeping).

Cookie monster.

Oh Sweet girl likes her some sugar!

We made cookies! She was so helpful. So fun, made gingerbread and shrek ones!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweet mess!

Mess maker
Mess maker, make me a mess!

Ibelle was def busy in her room today!! Love this girl!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lemon face!

{nearly all of my faves, minus one.}
{ib eating her fave: a lemon.}


Baby girl likes to chilax!!!

4 month dare to compare:

{in case you are interested: @ 4 months Isabelle was 15 pounds 5 ounces & 25 inches. Caroline is 13 pounds 14 ounces & 24 inches.}
{& it is purely ironic that they both are wearing a tiny yellow bib in the pics.}

Saturday, June 16, 2012

treats & threats.

sweet girl always wants a treat.  she gets one most days after dinner if she has been good that day. 
{ok, maybe it is a bargaining tool to get her to be good ..&&&& maybe to get her to take a nap, or clean up her messes, or leave rowdy alone, or get this-or-that for me when I'm taking care of CL, or participate in ballet, or to come inside when we are done playing ...}

i never.ever thought I'd be that mom that would resort to bribing.  but, sadly, i have.
{thank you pregnancy/arrival of #2 for pushing me to that point.  threats work too, especially when it involves taking away her coveted stickers.}

it is usually fruit snacks, a cookie, lollipop, or popsicle.  
{today it was a big treat, her own ice cream cup. girl loves some Brenham blue bell!}
{im certain tie-dyed on kids = adorable!!}
{this dress reminds me: Ib knows "ruffles" .. it is no lie when people say that kids pick up on everything, even obscure words!}

Precious girls!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Caroline eagerly watching the premier soccer game.
{& no, she isn't always in that bouncy seat. It is just pretty hard to take pics while holding her.}

More updates to come as soon as #2 is on the mend.
{she was sicksicksick last night with a 103' fev.}

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shu-crew visit.

What a perfect weekend...
Our BFFs came for a visit to meet little Caroline! I could go on and on about how blessed we are to have known and grown with the Shu-crew; I think Erin said it best, we are making memories together!

(I have to say thank you to that presh family of hers that held down the fort with a sick Drew.)

(huge thanks to Erin for jumping in and helping while she was here, either giving IB a bath or providing entertainment to all the kiddos! & taking some amazing pictures!)

Sweet girls.

Both girls at around the same age in a sweet, cute little sweater set their great-grandma made.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Abby and Kristen sweetly came to see lil Caroline. IB was so thrilled to see her BFF. Abby and IB are just a week apart in age and OMG they are def 2 peas in a pod!! Every single thing that Kristen mentioned going through with Abby we are going through with IB. From the potty training to picky eating to their moments of sassitude! We sure missed her big brother, Ethan, and can't wait to see him next time (he was at school).

Kristen is so incredibly kind and brought us the yummiest of meals! We are def blessed to have such wonderful friends!!

(Abby and IB at 2 1/2 months and 2 1/2 years. They've grown into beautiful little girls!)
(IB was being difficult, so this pic was about as good as it gets.)
(&&& on another note, I feel like IB was huge compared to CL at this age!!)

An almost 3 month old.

Love those thighs!!
{& yes baby girl is wearing a drama queen shirt. The title is better suited for her sister!}


Tonight I was looking through an online album from my aunt Michelle's wedding in Vegas; found pics of Dyer and I. We has just become engaged a month prior.  I was reminded by how OLD we are!  

This was just 5 years ago - but gosh the lack of sleep and life (translation: children) sure does make people age ...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Isabelle at 2ish weeks.
{i wore this outfit as a newborn.}

Caroline at 2ish weeks.