Wednesday, June 30, 2010


more sch-more please.
i made these fun delights last night:

D+D+I went to target this last weekend & on a whim I decided to get some s'more making
ingredients.  last night
there was some residual flame left* so it was perfect for some s'more-kin.  too
bad only i ate the s'mores. now i have a whole bag-o-marshmallows left.  perfect for a
brand-spankin-new-fellow's favorite dessert (RCTs).  of note, s'more making is
messy, just ask my iPhone.
it dove head first into the marshmallowness.

(*from our yum steaks. ok, maybe dyer's wasn't so yum since his steak would-not-cook
all the way and he microwaved it to finish the cooking process. yuck!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


we entered ibelle into a photo contest, dyer's sweet dad gave us the info.  consider voting.

click here: cutest baby. ever.

please?! For isabelle? ...


Monday, June 28, 2010

laid back.

i love this pic.
i feel like it sums up all things:
me, the taker of the pic.
& Saturdays.
Just hanging out.

(this is in light of fellowship, which starts thursday, when I am feeling a little sad that he is so stinkin' busy I will come back to this picture.)


(i know what you are thinking: enough with the outdoor + naked baby + pool pics.  sorry.  there are more.  a lot more.)
(SO.  i spoke too soon about the new blog program.  not happy with the picture-layout-portion of it.  clearly i need to work on figuring it out, per the above mess.)
(*i think that i've mentioned this before, anytime ibelle needs to calm/ go night-night, she sucks her thumb and holds onto any object in her reach, usually a lovey, but in this case a breastmilk storage container turned pool toy does the trick!)


Yikes, TX is hot.  Real hot.  Good thing for us we have a pergola!  Finally some shade in the backyard (and an overhead fan!).  I was dreading the summer .. but after much, ok a moment of thought, we decided to make a little outdoor area that we can enjoy together.  So far it has had a lot of use.  Case-and-point: Ibelle and her swimming pool.  She is a fish I tell-ya.  Now to get the grill and we will be done!  Come and join us, we can't wait to have some visitors!

(side note: i love the ease of the new blogger program, and ibelle continues to work on getting teeth.  yikes, when will teething be o-ver?!  & can any blog-geniuses tell me how to fix that pic at the top so that it isn't off center?  i promise the original includes ibelles whole face!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

FD 10.

Dyer had his first Fathers Day!  Ibelle spent the day hanging out with her dad (aka her favorite person ever.  again, no lie.  she is his most-hugest fan.)

Ibelle gave her dad a check* for money to use for a grill.  After I looked and searched I realized there was a lot of grill options and letting Dyer pick one out was the best idea.  We had a propane tank that has been hanging out in our garage so it worked as a grill prop.  In keeping with tradition our first child, Rowdy, gave his dad some gobstoppers and gum!

We had SUCH a fun day!  Can't wait for all the future Fathers Day with our little crew!

*it was a check from her own check book! .. in fact it was check # 001 and she banks at First Fathers Day National Bank!  thanks mom for the wonderful idea!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


i think i use cuteisabelle in a sentence a minimum of 1000x per day.  no lie.  ask anyone that i work with.  or my husband.  Right now she has been doing lots of cute things, including pursing her lips, clapping, saying "mama", "dada" and "c-og" (dog?), fake coughing followed by a smile anytime we fake cough.

This last weekend we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Father's Day.  (as a side note: TR is by-far Dyer's FAVORITE place to eat, i love it too.  and it was essentially Ibelle's first restaurant outing.  aside from the one time we went to Jason's Deli and 2 times we went to Saltgrass for soup, ok and that one time we went to Breadwinners.  i digress.).

So, while we are waiting for our food there is an older couple sitting at a table diagonal across the section from ours.  The woman coughs .. and no joke .. i belle does a fake cough.  The cutest thing in the world!

On the same cute-note, her top left tooth is peeking through!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


[* i know what you are thinking: 1) enough with the pool pics of the cutest fishy ever. but i can't help it, we spend a lot of time out swimming in the pool. 2) does she not have any swim diapers? nope, remember no baby-ing suit either. nakie. & 3) what is with that hair?!? i dunno. it is crazy. of note, that second-to-last pic i think fishy looks looks a whole lot like her mama and her lips are still purse'ing.]


a few weekends ago Ibelle, rowdy and I headed to cenTex to see the fam. we had too much fun. Such a good time and so good to see Garner and my mom! i would venture to guess that rowdy had a blast too! Ibelle just played, played and played.

plus she showed off a little, case and point: eating 1/2 jar of baby food at a meal, never.happens. and her driving abilities in the front seat of G's car (to clarify, meaning she sat in the seat, car turned off.)

notice a theme in all these pics:

.. a sticking out TONGUE!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

like father, like daughter.

Want to know something interesting?

Ibelle is def her father's daughter.
{which I adore!}

A few samples of their sameness:
1. she is not a sound sleeper, she wakes up pretty easily. if you know dh, you know he is the worst sleeper (or non-sleeper, whichever way you look at it, he does not sleep well). i on the other hand, goooooood sleeper. i heart sleep.

2. ibelle is a picky eater she only likes certain foods. she also wants them to be offered or prepared a certain way, just like her dad. (ie. her dad will not eat toast that appears to be slightly tan'er in color, that would be burnt toast. ibelle will not eat a green bean if it is cut the wrong way. ok, i kid. you get the point.)

3. baby girl is a stinker. she is very stubborn. there is no offering her a substitution; she knows exactly what she wants. i would venture to guess that she will be like her dad as she grows. :)

4. mostly, she looks just-like-him. i hear it a lot, so don't feel bad for thinking it too.

oh goodness,
i LOVE these two.

*Ibelle + her dada.
{whom she adores. how could she not?}

*with this pic i imagine it being from the 80s (look at that shirt & her purple hair scrunchy). I imagine it being
dyer's dad and his sister, amy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

first fathers day.

Isabelle loves her "dada"!
big time.

No joke. "dada" was her first word and she is always in awe of him.
Maybe it is his itchy man beard that gets her when she gives him a kiss, or maybe it is his big muscles that hung up her swing, or maybe his sweet voice when she is over-OVER-tired, or maybe that he cleans her eye out when her mama (accidentally) squirts baby wash in it, or that he helps mom with all things (laundry, cooking every night, cleaning, yard work, grocery shopping), or that he loves on her ALL the time. He is such a WONDERFUL dad!!

Oh, & she is def her father's daughter. (more on that later.)

{Funny, I picture Ibelle and her friends at school talking to each other .. like on Look Whos Talking: when Mikey is in the sandbox and asks the other baby, "How many babies does it take to change a light bulb", and the baby asks "how many?", and M. says "What's a light bulb?"}

Monday, June 14, 2010


Summer, the summer time ..
She loves the swing.

Good thing we have one in
mind for the improved backyard.
Maybe we will add some bling to it!

She will love it.
Spending her time just a swingin'.
{in the pics you can see Garner's
leg/foot; we went to g'mas house this
weekend, such a stinkin blast!}


{i don't think i could ever express
how much i love these two. ever.}

Saturday, June 5, 2010

.75 years.

ICH-ture of the most beautiful 9 month old at the arboretum.

@ 9 months:
clearly knows her name.
bow defiant {she will yank the hair clip out of her hair despite being told "no" while giving you that i-know-you-said-no-and-i-know-what-no-means look.}
fickle food eater. sometimes she feels like it, sometimes she don't. Lots of time is spent coaxing her to eat solids. clearly milk is providing ample {see above pic.}.
still possessive, with everything, especially kleenex/ paper or any other product that is not kid safe.
an older cousin to Baby S #2 {which is in development. yay!}
not crawling forward, but doing a wonderful job of scooting backwards. she really likes to go backwards to the point where she is in a huge predicament when she finds herself under a chair.
owner of a gazillion toys.
she knows her teachers at school. in fact, the other day they told me there was a substitute teacher in her class and Ibelle just cried.
purses her lips. {see above pic. precious.}
still obsessed with the camera cord.
road trip'er. driving to brenham was an adventure.
made her mama cry b/c she is getting to be such a big girl.
got her first pool. went for her first swim.
not quite pulling herself up, but able to stand and hold on for awhile.
says "dada" and some other noise when she is referencing Rowdy. {and yes, we are aware she is mimicking the dada sound, and that she does not associate yet.}
9 month stats: 20 lbs 8 oz & 27.5 inches.

Nine months in 9 words: loved, precious, stinker, beautiful, sweet, happiness, heartwarmer, adorable, perfect.


baby girl has toys.
no joke. she has lots, in fact i'm guessing she has one for each day from now until she is like 40.

(gosh, after putting that I can't help but
think of the saying, "Lordy lordy Isabelle is forty.")
(can you imagine: little, tiny, not-even-one-year-old, Ibelle?.. @ 40?!? phew. good thing she is only 9 months.)

Where's Is-aldo?

here she is in her spread
& like i mentioned before, for a baby that doesn't crawl she sure can get things everywhere!
(thanks aunt mimi for sharing some of jack's toys!)


Made in the shade.
Yippee! We have shade in the backyard.

Thus Ibelle got a baby pool today and she played her sweet little heart out. & Rowdy got a really big water bowl.
(you know mama was not going to sit outside in the Tejas sun. again, thank goodness for the pergola-providing-shade. our young, immature trees provided little to none.)

never mind her swimsuit. $10 for a baby-ing suit was way too much.


That is us!

Last weekend we went on a wonderful road trip to Brenham! {more pics to come}

I was thinking: there is no way I can leave the readers (all 2 of them, hey grandmas!) without a few pics of the cutie and her travels! All pics via the iphone.

Ibelle soaking in the sun at gigi and aunt wynnes house!

Love the new stroller!!
(thanks everyone for the fun mothers day gift!)