Sunday, May 17, 2009

sweet boy.

Parents x2: that's right Dyer and I already have a little one! Rowdy! Sweet boy was a b-day gift from Dyer a few years ago (ok. its been almost 5.). "Creamy" was a pound puppy with a funny name from the Humane Society, and he has been the best dog!

Rowdy's favorites: laying in a pile of warm clothes, treats, sleeping, tearing up boxes he finds in the recycling when he is mad, loving on his mom and dad, dog fighting, his 9pm bed time (really, he gets up and heads off to his bed at the same time every night), sleeping with DH everynight .. under the covers. His dislikes: other dogs/ animals, when the receiver turns on for the TV, that is about it.

I thought I better give Rowd a little shout out since he may not get too much coverage once little peanut comes.
(This is when we first got Rowdy.)
I realize that there are a lot of Rowdy pics, but when going through the 100 million+ pics of him it was hard to decide. I might add, while looking through pics I realize how fast time flies.

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