Saturday, November 14, 2009


Gosh we have been so delighted to have some great visitors!
Maria-Paula and her daughter, Victoria, came by a few days ago to meet baby Isabelle. It was such a treat! Darling Victoria was so sweet when she would say "Isabelle." Seriously Adorable! Victoria will be such a good big sister, she was so helpful when we needed anything for Isabelle and she would give Isabelle her baby to play with!
oh yeah, and Rowdy was very excited to meet some new friends!

{2 little smiling cuties. I'belle + Victoria.}

{Maria-Paula + Isabelle. MP is due with girl #2 in a few short months.}

& then .. Ali dropped by for a girls night, it was so fun to catch up with her!! She is so fun and we can't wait to see her again! Ali & I went to Baylor together and she lived with Erin at one time. (Sadly I don't have any pictures.)

Thanks all for coming!!

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