Tuesday, December 1, 2009


a few things:
1) baby school + work is going good. i'm still convinced that isa. dislikes going.
2) isabelle had her first cold, i think that she is on the mends (mom : not so much).
3) isabelle rolled over this last weekend, in fact she did it 3x in a row. but she hasn't repeated since (again we have video proof). she is also starting to grab for things and put them in her mouth.
4) TX is cold about now.
5) isabelle is a big girl, see #3.
6) i miss the weekend.
7) isabelle already has a some favorites:

{aunt amy.}



{ernie, the elephant.}
{among many many other things!}


Missy Morgan said...

i love her little foot sticking out on the third picture! i think its time for another video =)
cant wait to see her oh so soon!

Anonymous said...

Go Isabelle, good job rolling over!! She'll be rolling all over the house before you know it. Isn't it so cool to see them developing big new skills?

She gets cuter every time I see pics of her! It makes me smile seeing those chubby little cheeks and crazy hair. I agree that we need another video!!!