Friday, February 26, 2010


{I am so behind. go figure.}
{our day goes something like this: baby up. baby kisses & hugs. baby eat. baby school. work. pump (x3). baby school. baby bath. baby eat. baby kisses & hugs. baby sleep. eat. laundry. cleaning. sleep. thoughts of the love for baby. baby up. baby up (x4). repeat.}

On Valentine's Day we went to Kristen's house and had a fun play date with Ethan & Abby!

Abby (one week older than Isabelle) is such a big girl and sitting so well!! Ethan was so fun and Isabelle LOVED grabbing his shirt and talk!! These girls are little chatter boxes and had a great time playing!! We can't wait to come back! {maybe next time daddy DH can come along!}

{big kid ethan, abby & i'belle.}

{isabelle + abby sharing a music box.}

{girl talk.}

{beautiful AEK.}

{the BIG 5 & a half month'ers.}


Chris.Erin.Grace said...

Look at those two already sitting up. Adorable. Gorgeous. Beautiful. What a fun V-day!

The Kaufmans said...

Little sweethearts - I could just eat them up! :) We had such a fun playdate with you and Isabelle - can't wait to see y'all again soon!!