Sunday, March 21, 2010

march madness.

In the midst of March Madness ..
there was SNOW!! I know, snow in March?!
lots. of. it.

this white stuff is the best.
{just not when there are plans for 6 month pics @ the arboretum the next day .. oh well. :) }


The Kaufmans said...

Wasn't this the craziest?!?! Darling pic of Isabelle in the snow - love her cute coat! And how funny...we are doing pics at the arboretum too this week! Although trying to reschedule b/c now I think rain is coming - go figure! Maybe we'll see y'all out there though!

Heath, Tara, and Kelsi said... guys got quite a bit compared to us over here! Glad you were able to enjoy it a bit! Baby I is ADORABLE!