Sunday, April 11, 2010


There is this series airing on Discovery: Life.

It is just-about the most amazing thing. (aside from my mini-other-half of course).

For instance, monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico!
If you have a minute, go here: butterflies.

I didn't realize the show was airing until 2 weeks ago .. since then I've been trying to DVR all the old episodes. There is one thing about it, I hate watching animals suffer, so those parts I am not quit into, otherwise it is awesome!

The show has the most amazing photography! These people stake out an area and film for hours and hours; they capture the neatest things!! I can't imagine that job, how awesome!

{in other tv news: Deadliest Catch and GLEE!! start this week. if I could get Ibelle to stay asleep in the evenings.}

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

Megan was just talking about this! I must DVR but I too cannot watch animals suffer but I can fast forward through those parts. BTW-I've also never watched glee so therefore I cannot be called a gleek but I'm going to DVR that as well this week! :)