Thursday, December 1, 2011


Nothing sweeter than watching your daughter play with her best friend. 

A few weeks ago my bestie, Erin, and her precious family came for a visit.  We had the best time; it was so nice and relaxing to have our friends here for a visit.  Being in Dallas away from family and friends we cherish having visitors!

 Isabelle and Grace playing with the pumpkins.

 Isabelle trying to bit the pumpkin.
{I wonder if they will end up at Baylor together?!?}
All.BOY.Andrew with sister Grace and Isabelle

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Chris.Erin.Grace.Andrew said...

Love these girls and boy! Andrew will spice up their girly-ness! Plus while we do girly things, Dyer and Chris will have a little man buddy to do guy things (football, soccer, xbox, sports center, etc.). Miss you a ton!