Thursday, September 27, 2012

love nuggets.

I was looking back
7 months.
Two things:
1) I can't believe that IB was
ever that little
2) CL is SO different than her big sissy was at
the same
Physically and developmentally.
I always pictured having kiddos that looked
very much like each other
but gosh, these two are
IB is all daddy & CL is all mama!
{so different, as they should be.}
People ain't lying when they tell
you that your time
to do tasks with 2
is cut in half.  I think my ability to think is
cut in half too!
I like the idea of this blog so
that I can better record what
each is doing during different stages
or seasons.
I plan to be more diligent.
Setting a quota of at least 1 post every month. With gobs of pics.
I read something (from dr phil!??, odd i know!) about
how you don't divide the amount of love you have by the number of children you have; you draw your love for them from different accounts, and you never run out.
so true.

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Chris.Erin.Grace.Andrew said...

Ohhh....I love that quote. Separate accounts. Gotta love that Dr. Phil :)Love the updates! Your girls are gorgeous.