Saturday, February 14, 2009

heart day.

{a card to my valentine, circa. 2004.}
I love you.
You keep the yard nice, and verbally support my habit of buying a million dollars worth of flowers for the yard monthly (even when you do think it is a little silly).
You keep the 'room for the cars' so especially clean, just the way I like it!
You clean when I am feeling a little under the weather. Case and point, sweet baby H.
You sometimes watch girl shows with me .. like America's Next Top Model, HGTV.
You let me watch my shows on the bigger TV in the living room, despite the fact that I got nothing on HD channels.
You always reassure me when I am a 'worry-Wanda.'
You call me sweetheart.
You will drive all over to get me yummy food.
You do laundry and don't mind my 'laundry has to be done a certain way' quirks (.. and there are several!).
You make me smile a mile .. and love me when I'm a 'grumpy-Guss.'
You clean my messes, no matter how gross. (Especially now.)
You always humor me no matter how silly I can be.
You do so many things to make my heart smile.

{*so the card is suppose to look sort of like this. think The Simpsons & ralphy.}
{p.s. i can't help but think that next d & i will have been together almost 7 years AND we'll have a little 5monther to chase after!}

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