Sunday, February 8, 2009

San An.

Several weeks ago (Jan. 17th to be exact) I flew down to San Antonio to see my Great Aunt and Uncle, along with Garner, Michelle, and Jack.

I did not get a load of pics but those that I have, have some pretty cute subjects!
[Sweet Jackson]

[Jack + Garner] [Jack and Aunt Irene]
[Jack and mommy Michelle] [Garner and his Buddy]

Hope you enjoyed! I always have such a good time in SA, ever since I was little, I wish I could visit more frequently!!

{you may be wondering how BOJ is doing .. well let's just say that baby is keeping me very busy .. but not efficient in any sense of the word. i developed an aversion to most all foods from being sick, including bread, i know it's weird. i wouldn't trade it and i'm assured that baby is doing well in there :) }

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