Monday, April 13, 2009

20 + 8.

Belated. I hate that.
[@ least I wasn't late when it really mattered! on the actual b-day, 4/10.]

This is a little shout out to the 20 + 8yrs old that is my hubby, D. Dyer. He's been around almost 3 decades. I can't even imagine. :) ..tee-hee.

If you are wondering, birthdays for us generally consist of a b-day gift, in this case a box of gobstoppers and bottle caps (and a gyn MD delivery payoff and tires for the Smurf), B-day'er also get a nice dinner at a restaurant of their choosing (provided it is less than $50, Roadhouse was DH's choice). And for Dyer, a Rice crispy treat cake. I think I've made him one every year but the first .. which was shortly after we started dating and I didn't know, I gave him chocolate chip cookies, his least favorite thing ever: awesome [good thing he thought I was cute!].

these are DH avoiding the camera
note that i've whited out baby girl's name .. it is a little surprise for the blog readers, once we have a conclusion for a middle name i'll let the cat out of the bag!

pics circa. '06, or the 24th birthday
*before you start feeling bad about the candy-as-a-gift, he LOVES these candies and could eat them nonstop, minus the root beer bottlecaps of course.

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