Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Belated .. again I hate that. {there are many, many more posts I am delayed on.}

Erin + Chris + big girl Grace Kathryn came to visit the Heintz crew the first weekend in April. Not only did we get lots of fun catching up time, Dyer and I got to hang out with sweet-sweet Grace! DH and I had an opportunity to see what it is like to have a little girlie running around, and it couldn't be more fun! Grace brought baby girl a precious pink polo outfit, can't wait for little one to wear it!

Erin and Chris should contemplate moving to Dallas, then in a few years, Houston.
{sadly there are no pics of Erin and I!}

*Update on all things baby girl: Dyer checked out another baby "school" today and was impressed. Here's hoping that wait list goes down quick. And, my stomach continues to get huge, and I crave pinnapple 24/7.

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