Thursday, June 4, 2009


Someone had a big bad birthday on the 31st.
Happy Birthday Erin!! I hope that you had a wonderful one!

{have i mentioned what a wonderful, selfless, kind, caring, thoughtful, subjective advice giving, supportive friend she is? she is such a good mom! we have a lot in common including, enjoying reality shows, being moms to little girls, husbands that love anything soccer/ xbox, and basically the same general outlook on just about everything! i don't even have to say what i'm thinking about something and Erin already knows! Erin and I meet in french class at Baylor back in the day, my have things changed .. cities, jobs, marriages, babies!}

Erin's bday '09.

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Chris, Erin and Grace said...

You're too sweet! Yay for French class at BU! And its great our hubbies have some of the same likenesses. So fun! Can't wait to see you in the next few weeks! Btw I burned dinner last I said I totally didn't have my act together. :) miss you!