Monday, June 1, 2009


A few things:

#1: the molding is completely done. {can I get an "amen"}. i can't thank my hubby enough for all of the hard work and long hours {don't be fooled, molding is an undertaking!}. and an unfortunate thing happened as he celebrated, see #2. the room fit for a sweetheart is just awaiting a precious crib {thanks mom!}. .. and a few other trinkets. and well of course a little BOJ.

#2: Dyer's xbox has experienced this for the second time ..
THE RED RING OF DEATH. Go check out wikipedia for answers. So as of late the xbox is going to be sent back to rehab. So disappointing :(

#3: That leaves us at T minus 14 weeks.

#4: Garner has finals .. then he is pretty much a Sophomore! ICH is so proud of her uncle and wishes him good luck!

#5: Have you heard this saying: "to clean your clock" or "I'll be there with bells on"? Just wondering.


Chris, Erin and Grace said...

I'll go with your number theme...
#1: you and your belly are too cute!
#2: I've heard of the "with bells on" saying and "clean your clock" I weird?
#3: you are the sweetest friend...thanks for the gorgeous card, you are too much!
#4: Chris is sad for Dyer and his red ring of death x-box
#5: You have an awesome hubby and I'belle has a fabulous daddy! He did a great job on that molding! Can't wait to see baby ICH in it! Just 14 weeks til we see that precious baby!!!

missy said...

greate update!! room looks amazing! and yes--ill be there with bells on, definitely have used before! ha!
cant wait to see the entire finished room with ICH IN IT! =)

Garner said...

Yay for me almost being a sophomore. Can't wait till Isabelle comes. Stinks that Dyer's Xbox died.