Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle enjoys her jewels.
Seriously.  Loves them.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle will put a bunch of old necklaces on her arm.
Yes, a ton.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle will then walk around all over with them.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle is a girl after her mama's heart.
I love looking at jewelry.  I think, "someday."

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle warms my heart.
Every moment of every day; can not believe she is 19 months. well  ok: almost 19.5 months.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle will pitch a fit.
At the drop of a hat.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle loves to eat "serrr-ral" (cereal) for dinner.
Every single night.  Why?  See above.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle loves the swing.
She gets mad if you try to put her baby doll in the swing.

A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle is a mini-hntz.
Really.  She looks just like dyer's fam.
A {nineteenthmonthold} Isabelle is the best thing ever.  ever.
I love her x millionbazillion.

{yep, there is the nineteenthmonthold + her diaper playing in the backyard.}


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