Saturday, April 16, 2011


I know this is a little random:

But.. a little ibelle has been very interested in the paw-ttee (potty) the last few weeks. Even pointing to the front of her diaper and saying, "pooooop" or "pee".
(Not that her saying that actually correlates with annnything.)

I've talked about getting ibelle her very own potty and when we at the store today we picked one up!!

She was so interested in it and sat on it several times today; while looking at a sight book before her bath she Peed!!!!

I know this means Nothing!!! And it was simply an ironic occurrence of pee. And for real pooty training will likely happen a year from now..

But ohmygoodness it was still so exciting!!! Rather than make her feel any pressure or anxious about it I figured I'd leave it up to her to initiate sitting on it. :)

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