Sunday, March 1, 2009


I thought it might be fun to blog with a bump picture/week - along with some other updates from the week.

Looking back once Baby H is here it will be neat to see what papa Heintz and I (and baby) were up to.

Weeks prior to week 11:
told the world the big news.
mama d just laid/ sat on the couch and laid/ barfed in the bathroom or the fort (which was kept cleaner than any other and included a nice beach towel on the floor).
Dyer was working hard on locating a day care in the area (which I will no longer refer to as "day care," but rather "school" or "place that watches BOJ"). I know what your thinking it seems a little early .. you have no idea the rush for schools these days.
down way too many pounds from pre-prego.
peeved easily.
thought constantly about how sweet, patient, and generous .. umm and patient my hubby is!

Moving on to week 11
experienced a grade school accident (i know what you are thinking, not the really gross pee kind).
ate an entire meal, craved chickfila wraps, luby's chicken, and all things sugary! However continue to eat pasta with spaghetti sauce at least once per day.

Week 12:
Dyer and I got friendly with Toys R Us and decided on a few essentials, including the Dr Brown glass baby bottles and Earth Organic diapers.
MD appointment to check out our little 12 weeker, all looks good. Appears that BOJ likes to par-tay!
cleaned out baby H's room, after multiple trips to Goodwill and the attic baby has some closet space!
Dyer put up some of the most awesome chair rail in the room (pics later) and was defeated by the crown molding. ..and to think I thought this molding thing would be cake.

Week 13:
soo sleepy .. but not able to nap well.
reviewed current boy vs girl guesses, 50:50 at this point.
down 11 pounds from pre-prego, but gaining like a champ! Cinnamon toast crunch is my fav.
baby's room chair rail is painted.
looked at loads of baby bedding for ideas.
reading lots of:
.. counting down the weeks 'til gender is determined.

11 weeks
12 weeks
13 weeks


Shuley Family said...

Look at your little baby bump! You are just adorable! Miss you!

laurenk said...

Very cute!