Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2nd tri.

{note: i update this entry weekly .. scroll to the bottom.}

We are into the trimester #2!!
Want to see what went on in the first?

Week 14 (3/4/09):
worked on baby room - err it was all dyer, he painted more trim.
i looked at my expanding belly, while eating lots of bagels + cream cheese and salted almonds.
feeling a tad wore out (i wasn't too tired in the 1st set of weeks .. maybe my fatigue was a little delayed).
already experiencing what is known as "placental shunting" .. since i don't seem to be able to remember much.
still experiencing morning sickness and all it entails.
trying to train myself to not sleep on my back or belly.
MD appointment early next week.
pondered will we have a boy or a girl (4 week countdown).

Week 15 (3/11):
more trim was painted.
more belly expanding. Dyer bought me some Palmers :)
more gender wondering (3 weeks).
a jog was completed, the first in like 11 weeks. due to poor nutrition, i was too paranoid i would pass out before now.
more bagel, almond, & cinnamon toast crunch eating.
MD appointment with the new OB, impressed. Everything looked good, and baby heart rate was good.
added another name to the possible baby Heintz name list. {fyi: if you have a darling name that you don't think you'll ever use, let me know it.}

Week 16 (3/18):
baby room is in the works. it currently reminds me of the kind of thing that occurs post-hurricane.
mama continues to eat pretty well.
baby's first visit from unckie Garner.
thought about being 4months along. whoa.
felt baby move, or so I think, on the 18th, then on the 19th, and the 20th!
filled out my first NCAA bracket. the final 2 teams that I picked are already out of it. boo.
thought of thee best potential girl name option!! i am done with boy name options {note: "i" Dyer's picks remain TBD}.
*also trying to better keep up with the blog.

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The Johnston's said...

I had no idea! Congratulaions!!!