Sunday, March 29, 2009


.. is for the way you look at me.

{Six years.}

: That is how long Dyer & I have been dating! And no, we no longer celebrate this day per say, but it is still exciting nonetheless!

DH does more than any guy I know. Not only does he love on me, he keeps me entertained, he COOKS, he cleans, he keeps Rowdy warm at night, he keeps the yard looking great, he cleans up gross stuff, he is incredibly smart, he is an excellent pumpkin carver, Kids LOVE him, he is able to be completely sleep deprived and still be sweetheart, he makes yum chili, he does most anything I think sounds like fun, he will watch girl movies, he will humor me, he is going to be an awesome baby-daddy!, he teaches me new words and sayings, he does laundry like no ones business, he buys me flowers, he is the calmest and most realistic person, he rarely gets frustrated & couldn't be more patient, he deals with my quirks, he will talk on the phone to me when I am bored, he does a lot, and most recently he has been putting up baby room molding :), he is a good balance to me, above all he is a cutie pie! I heart him big time {since 3/22/03}.

A few of my most fondest memories of the last 2190 days include our first date at Chili's, diadeloso, the rain storm we endured while trying to drive home from dinner one night, when Dyer left Waco to go to school in Houston and I saw his car was packed, when he drove to Waco at the crack of dawn to be there for the 8am Homecoming Parade, our trip to the Grand Caymans, when Dyer scoured Houston to find me the most perfect pound puppy - Rowdy and got a ticket along the way, when we found out we were moving to Dallas for his residency, his proposal which included the sweetest scrapbook ever (I will share pics if you are dieing to see), me laughing throughout our vows, searching for and buying our first house, our honeymoon, the morning we found out that we were expecting a little one. ..Goodness the list could go on.

(this is DH working on the chair rail, and little sweet Rowdy helping out. & yes in that same pic, that is a picture of the Seinfeld soup nazi .. autographed by the man himself .. a b-day gift to DH from a few years ago. you can see what baby room is doing to Dyer's stuff.)

Go here, and here, and I there are a bunch of others.

(So I have to brag a little more. Thanks hubby for the sweet flowers, preggers loves them! Including the one by my bed that you arranged!)


Missy said...

sweet couple! and yes, im dying to see pics =) cant wait to see the nursery and cant wait to find out gender of Baby H! What a fun and exciting week!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you each have found your treasure in one another.