Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Celebrating 2 yrs of Heintz was too much fun!
Dyer cooked up some steak, shrimp and baked potatoes. Yum - a fav of ours; and little miss slept through it all!
Then the gift exchange. Dyer's gift: I [plan] to get our stockings monogrammed with Dad, Mom and Isabelle (currently we have 4 stocking - 2 of which say Dyer and Desiree). My giftS: flowers, my wedding dress boxed up and Lenox Christmas china to match our dishes (want to see them?: dishes).

It was a year to remember .. notably that ♥ baby that came along!
[to answer that picture up there : every yr of marriage we thought we could include a pic that represents the yr number + what we are up to at the time. ie) new baby = baby bottles.]

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

Love the Christmas china! And the baby bottle picture! What a great idea!