Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sew you know how I made some pillows & other goodies for the missy's room awhile ago? {here: pillows.}

Amidst all my {hand} sewing of said goodies my grand husband asked multiple times if he could get me a sewing machine. I declined. Mostly b/c I didn't think that I really needed one .. & mostly to spare the budget.
I didn't realize how excited I would be until Dyer's mom and sister bought me one for my b-day. I can't wait to break it out .. make baby girl some fun, fun outfits and other thingies.

Oh the possibilities.
I. can't. wait.

[erin: it just dawned on me. i could make the clothes, you could make the bows and K-sew could make the matching bags! i love it. etsy here we come.]

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