Sunday, May 16, 2010

8 ½.

It has been a long time,
Far too long.

I realized today that I hadn't blogged in 2ish weeks.
It made me sad .. for a moment I weld up. {time flies}. Then I realized that the day doesn't have 25 hours.

As if the 25th hour is the blogging hour.

There are SO many things that little ICH is up to these days, you know, at 8.5 months of age(!). OK. more than i can count. but a few include:

1. being a model which entails being photographed about 100 times/day by her momma. no lie. (thanks to daddy for mommy's new iCellular phone, yippee!)
2. being a star of many a YouTube video (go here & here. it'll be enough that you will fall in love too!)
3. saying "dadda". Not kidding. (the proof is in the videos).
4. sitting up, getting in the crawl position, then going back to the sitting position. as if to say, "don't rush me".
5. making it known that she wants what i'm eating. i tell ibelle, if she crawls to me she can have whatever really awesome food item i am eating (which is generally a cheese stick).
6. possessive. that is right, if she has something, whether it be a napkin, camera cord, pea, whatever and someone tries to take it from her. grab your ear plugs. especially if the item is KEYS.
7. sassy= see all the above items.
8. maybe saying "momma". at least DH told me she said it today.
9. saying "rr__" (maybe it means "Rowdy") or screeching @ Rowdy. my take on it is that she is barking at him!
10. being the apple of her momma's eye. now, being a mom, i am way more sappier than i was before.
11. using her sweet little right-handed-pincher-grasp to feed herself peas, cheerios or puffs. if you put something in her left hand she will use her right hand to retrieve it and put in her mouth.
12. pulling all of her toys out of her bin.
13. trying to be big girl and sleep through the night!! (or at least from 11-6, ok. maybe she cries at 4am ..but then she goes back to sleep).
14. i love her more than i thought possible.
15. oh yeah, and in her big girl car seat, rear facing of course.

A few other things:
there is some really good news in the air .. but you all will just-haveta-wait for it! :)
ibelle got her first school pictures, she is so sweet in them!

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Katie said...

NOT COOL!! I can't wait to hear what this big news is!! I have a few ideas. How about this...let's have our families get together for lunch in the next couple weeks, and you can just tell me a little early. Ok? Ok! :)