Sunday, May 23, 2010

child #1.

row·dy [rou-dee]: a rough, disorderly dog.
This completely does not describe our Rowdy as of recent. As our first child I think Dyer and I thought Rowdy was experiencing some depression over having his younger sister around. He was tired all the time, didn't play anymore, had horrible skin allergies, scavenged for food NONstop, was cold intolerant and his joints seemed to be bothering him (since he could hardly jump on the couch). + he gained a load of weight, say 10 pounds.
Turns out that he has hypothyroidism!
He is on synthroid and doing super!! I am So glad for his sake (and ours!) that we figured out what was going on with him.
Rowdy is the perfect dog and so stinkin sweet. He will loiter around Ibelle while she is playing and she loves it. She is always trying to pet him or pull his tail!

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