Tuesday, July 27, 2010


as i mentioned, Ibelle & I made a trek south to Austin. 

Isabelle and I got to the Shuley's late-Friday and it was off to bed.  Saturday we were able to hangout.  Grace and Isabelle were definitely BFFs.  Later, Kelsi and Tara came over; all 3 girls played the day away!  It was so fun and likely one of the last times it will be just-the-girls {as Erin is due with little baby BOY in January!  which is HUGE excitement!}.  Saturday night we had yummy! fajitas that Chris prepared, the rest of the fam came over and we hung out.  Such a good time.  & Sunday little miss and I were headed back to Dallas from our big vacation.  It was great!  {thanks for having us!!!}

As you can see the girls had a ball! 
{FYI:  Grace is such a big girl, she no longer sleeps in a crib and is potty trained!!  GO GRACE!}

playing house!  clearly there was too many cooks in the kitchen!

(I think that Isabelle looks just like me in this pic!)

they loved these cups!
Grace was such a great friend!  She would help and share so well; there is no doubt she is going to be a wonderful big sister!


Chris.Erin.Grace said...

Oh we had so much fun too! Glad we could spend some girl time together and catch up! We'll have even more fun when we throw a little boy into the mix. If having more fun is even possible :) Miss you both big time! Grace told me the other day out of the blue...Isabelle's Daddy misses her. She lives in Dallas :).

K. Sue said...

i'm so sad i missed this. i want to meet isabelle!!!!!!