Friday, July 2, 2010

10 months.

10 months.
or if you are my other half, 10 months = 2 months till 1 yr.

i'm such a stinkin mess.
How did this happen?

i love that my little punkin is big girl.  but so sad all at the same time.
i know, many of you all have been there.  If you haven't seen enough pics on the blog go here.

10 months means a lot of things if you are little miss.  *during the last month she has:

• said "mama", "buh-buh" (bye-bye) and "cog" (dog)
• top left tooth + top right lateral inscisor
• another ear infection
• crawls for real
• crawls for real everywhere
• claps
• fake coughs
• waves bye bye
• experienced the most proud moment ever when dada started fellowship.
swims every weekend
• LOVES her swing and to be outside
• LOVES rowdy
• likes to feed herself
• likes the sippy cup
• cutest little bug ever

* the reason I can keep up with all these things is a calendar that I have.  I highly recommend any moms use a ordinary calendar to keep up with all the firsts, a baby book was tough for me to remember to put things in.

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The Kaufmans said...

Isabelle - you are getting to be such a big girl!! You can do so many precious things now!! We love getting to watch you grow up (although I think you and Abby should both slow down just a little for your mommies!)

PS - you're so right about the calendar - that's how I keep track fact, what is a baby book again??? Oh, one day... :)