Thursday, July 15, 2010


Isabelle is such a good kiddo @ school. No kidding, the teachers actually tell me that! She has so many fun friends; all the little ones in her class are just about within a month or so of each other!!

Every time I take her she is ready to eat breakfast and PLAY!!! Yesterday as I was walking past her room (despite the door in the pic the entrance is further down) she was looking out the window .. Well ok, maybe it is a little sad!! Especially since she is wearing a apron/bib :(

She is growing up!! Today I saw her loving on one if the younger, not yet crawling, babies!! And her teacher told me they had snack time today!! So cute. She is such a joy!!
(I've resorted to iPhone posts, so never mind the lack of pazzazz-issippi*, teehee.)
(* get it, like: miss-iss-ippi??)

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

iPhone posts...he he crack me up. Can't wait to see you two!