Monday, January 10, 2011

Paint fav.

Ibelle loves to paint, or do any crafts for that matter!! The other day at school her teacher, Laura, told me that any time they get the crayons or paints out ibelle is the first to squeal!! She loveeesss everything that has to do with art time and she brings home the best projects!!! Santa even brought her some paints and crayons in her stocking.

Yesterday, while spending some time hibernating (it was snowing outside!!), we had finger painting time making cards!! She had the best time!!! Love this girl!!

you see that sweet funny-duddy rowdy down there at the bottom??.. He never misses a potential-food-op. Ever.

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1 comment:

Mikie said...

Is little miss wearing just one shoe? She IS having fun - so much that it knocked her socks (shoe!)off! What a cute little bug!!