Saturday, January 8, 2011

xmas post {finally}.

Christmas was a riot for so many reasons, namely this:

{she is my sweet little sugar and spice!  love my little peanut!}

Honestly I knew that the Holidays would be a blast+ with a little one ..but what I didn't realize is how fun it really would be {and maybe how tiring it would be?}.  Little Isabelle got a slew of toys, from fake food to a bug car to mega blocks to a car DVD player (mommy's #1 gift!!!).  There is nothing like celebrating with a little one vs. with a bunch of older people! :)

The Holiday got started with a little mommy and me time on The Eve (yes I took the 24th off and relaxed with Ibelle and prepped all things for the fam's visit).  My mom and Garner came to visit on Xmas day and stayed the weekend - we had Xmas dinner with all of the fixings!  My mom gave Isabelle the Velveteen Rabbit book and movie (along with a copy I had when I was little).  Everything was wonderful (minus the part where Dyer worked/ was on call ..but alas it the life of the MD folk, although he did get off at a very good time each day).

Dyer's mom, Grammie, and Gma, Gigi, came down the 26th after celebrating Christmas Day in Houston (we missed you Aunt Wynne!).  What fun we had!  Isabelle got plenty of Grammie and Gigi loving!  They even let her hangout with them in their big bed!  I'm sure Isabelle thought she was big girl stuff!  Isabelle got the most precious presents from Dyer's family - a Christmas plate setting and matching tea set (they started the tradition last year with a plate setting).  Once Isabelle is grown, I can't wait for her to have and treasure the dishes. 
(caution: pic overload!)

 {ibelle and I with the Velveteen Rabbit books, aka the most perfectly thoughtful gift.  Thanks mom!}
 {the family Htz.}
{if our shirts look familiar .. it is b/c we wear these same outfits every yr!}

 {G, me and mom eating our yum feast!}
 {g'ma and Isabelle!}
 {Isabelle + uncle G + rowdy + her car.  you can push her around the house a million times to beat an Ibelle bad-mood-bears.}

 {princess ICH and her presents!}
 {isabelle & gigi playing!}
{notice rowdy loving having people to lay with!}

 {a gigi and grammie sandwich!  they just love their girl!}

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