Sunday, August 9, 2009


I can only imagine that all 2 readers are checking periodically to see what I've been up to.
I've been working on little girl's room and trying to make it darling.
Finding the perfect fabric and look for the room has been a challenge for me - which I can attribute to being preggers*. I mean, ask Dyer I've been extremely indecisive about the whole thing.
These are the different fabrics that I've decided on. The pink and white stripe (left) is the cutest baby blanket ever. I decided to make pillows and basket liners with the green with white, and some large shams and throw pillows for the big bed with the light pink and pink (or blush and bashful..) design.
After sewing this pillow by hand .. I've decided that if there is potential for future projects (ie, making sweet baby clothes, fun!) I may need that sewing machine that dh always mentions.

I also finished the dust ruffle for the crib, which I decided to make since the drop from the mattress to the floor was more than a traditional dust ruffle would cover. (+ it was made from an old sheet we had .. therefore FREE.)

Even more exciting: The Hntz house had some wonderful visitors this weekend!! My mom and G came. We all had a great time, especially Rowdy. .. i think he may be depressed based on him sleeping since they left.

{*preggers: once izzy comes i truly think that i will miss her all tucked in my belly dancing around. i know i will get to see her sweet face, but I'll miss my buddy.}

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The Kaufmans said...

LOVE the fabrics - they are adorable!! I'm so impressed with your cute bedskirt too!! Aww, little Isabelle is so lucky! Can't wait to see you on Thurs!