Thursday, August 6, 2009


Oh yes. I have a treat in store for you. .. but you must wait. It is a DIY project or 2 that I'm working on.

In other news:
*I'm slacking on the blog.
*KARA + BRANDON are hitched and hanging out in Costa Rica right now! (Wed pics to follow)
*Belly is large. Like a watermelon Large. I love love love this sweet thang that keeps me smiling.
*4 Fridays from now is little peep-squeaks due date.
*I can't even tell you how incredibly awesome my hubby and DTI (dad-to-Isabelle) is. He makes my day. and then some.
*We had some fun visitors come our way from Brenham this last weekend, Dyer's mom & gma. My mom and Garner are visiting this weekend.
*Dyer took Rowdy for a jog today .. I think the opposite-of-lack-of-exercise wore Rowd out big time.
*mr should try the bumpits, I would love to see it in action.

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missy said...

bumpits! ha i love it, please try!